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The Myth Surrounding the Caves Beneath Uji Province

O Rose, thou art sick.
The invisible worm
That flies in the night
In the howling storm
— William Blake, Songs of Experience

The Caves Beneath Uji Province

It is said that the unique geomorphology of the flooded caves beneath the Uji Province on Nelnel IV were created during the war of the Omniscients in a battle between Menorio Xiare and Capistra Delmo.  

The Friendship

Capistra and Menorio were best friends, often using their talents in combination to create wonderous physical structures, glorious architecture, and profound spaces. However, Capistra fell prey to Thumannus's song. Menorio went to Nelnel IV to try to convince Capistra not to follow Thumannus, but failed.  

The Battle under Uji

The battle that ensued between the two friends lasted 132 days, each day corresponding to the 132 main caverns within the cave complex. Menorio would use his talents to create the large maze-like columns of rock seen in each cavern to avoid the direct assault from Capistra, while also trying to free his mind from Thumannus's influence.   Capistra, growing more insane by the day between the influence of the song and the mental assault from Menorio lashed out at Menorio. His attacks becoming more primal and physical but no less deadly. In order to quickly navigate the complex maze-like structures that Menorio was creating, he changed his shape into that of an enormous armored worm, and the first Vaol was born.  

Battle End

No one truly knows how the battle ended. There is no Plasma on Nelnel IV, therefore it is not believed that the two friends fought to the death. It is believed that Menorio, seeing that his friend had gone incurably insane, left the moon and the galaxy in his shame at causing such suffering to someone he cared about so much.   It is further believed that Capistra slumbers as a Vaol within the deep trenches of the caves. If one dares go into the caves during a storm, they can sometimes hear Capistra moving in his sleep as the cavern groans and quakes and the normally still waters ripple and thrash as Capistra relives the battle in his dreams. Most do not go into the caves, however. For if he ever awakes, he would consume all of Nelnel IV with his instatiable, insane hunger.

Variations & Mutation

Some believe that Menorio never did leave the galaxy, but still searches for a way to free Capistra's mind.


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A giant, armored worm sounds like the worst possible thing to encounter in a scary maze. Well done, a really cool read :D

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This is a cool myth for the creation of such a scary monster! I also like how there are still some different versions of the myth as well.

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