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Lewerns are small long-bodied creatures with 4 short legs, a prehensile tail, and tough slick hairless skin. They are native to the Borea Forest on Yvlen.  


  • They are one of the top predators within the forest.
  • They have excellent senses and can see in the dark.
  • They are incredibly fast, dexterous, and strong.
  • Their main diet is omnivorous and they have voracious appetites.
  • Curious and intelligent, however, capricious. They only respond well to a trainer that they have bonded with.


For those who specialize in training Lewerns, the process can be slow. Lewerns bond in family groups, so the trainer begins by taking a bonded Lewern pair into their home. Once the new location has been established as the home for the Lewern pair, they must spend most of their time with their trainer. The first pair, however, is rarely taken into the field. Instead, they are used as a breeding pair. The subsequent children bond more easily and stronger to the trainer, learning from their parents. It is those that are used for field work.  


Despite their capricious nature, many organizations still find that they are worth the time to train and bond with an owner.   The Alliance for Research and Conservation has trained them to find and collect species in hard to reach places.   The Wessh Overguild trains them to move through pipes and small conduits, pulling electrical wires through or searching for damage.   The Senchal Overguild uses them to identify mines and explosives.


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Jul 3, 2021 15:30

What fun critters :D They almost make me think of ferrets! And the idea of pulling writes like that is really novel, very cool :D

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