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R-31 Command Vehicle

" Like the Valkyries of old, the fifth company swept in, sweeping aside the swarm of clockwork monstrosities. They dropped their sections of tecknights into the zone they cleared. Taking up observation positions to coordinate the battle they began their search for the source of the monstrosities. As the tecknights fought the R-31s circled out and finally found the target. With the target locked they took up positions around the awakened foundry, they charged prepared to fire."
Conclusion to the battle of Dictio
The R-31 Command Vehicle is a somewhat massive maglev vehicle that can carry up to fifteen tecknights or a company of power armor troopers. It contains facilities that allow it to repair and maintain a full section of tecknights and can be operated by a small crew through advanced automation. It stands twelve yards tall at the back end, seven yards across, and forty yards long. It has dense armor and is heavily armed with energy weaponry. It has an operational altitude of up to four thousand feet and can achieve a speed of up to one hundred fifty miles an hour.   The R-31 class of vehicles has been given the series designation LRRCV, Long-range Resupply, Repair, and Command Vehicles. There are two primary versions. One designed to operate with tecknight and the other designed for powered armor. Any vehicle with an even number in its ID serial is equipped for tecknight operations, and odd numbers are used with powered armor.   In combat operations, the R-31 will usually act as a command-and-control node, quickly aggregating the data from the sensors and communications systems of the machines in the unit. It can provide extremely powerful attacks from a turret-mounted charged laser cannon. The cannon is a massive drain on the systems and if fired in flight will cause the craft to need to land to recharge.

Power Generation

A 30-liter hydrogen fusion bottle provides power from a single container to last for five years before the hydrogen bottle needs replacement.


Using an extremely powerful maglev system the craft can become effectively weightless. It is propelled by venting excess heat through vents.

Weapons & Armament

The primary armament of the R-31 is a large turret-mounted charged laser cannon. The weapon requires a full six seconds to charge but can deal severe damage to fortifications.

Armor and defense

Armored with a sheath of adamantine, in a special honeycombed array, filled with a ceramic imbued with titanium. It is extremely heat and impact-resistant.

Communication Tools & Systems

CNC Multiband encoded comms system with a range of one hundred miles at an altitude of one thousand feet. Can use satellites to increase the range through relaying the signal.


Radar, Lidar, Ground Penetrating Sonar, and a Low-light Enhancement system.

Additional & auxiliary systems

A cargo sorting and storage system that makes use of flat space technology, Automatic Nanite repair systems, Mecha/powered armor maintenance systems.

Hangars & docked vessels

Either a launch system that can launch five tecknights simultaneously or twenty powered armor suits. The dock can store fifteen tecknights or eighty powered armor suits.
The Bus
LRRCV - ****
Creation Date
Owning Organization
35,000,000 credits.
Related Technologies
7 yards
40 yards
12 yards at the tallest point
1500 tons
150 mph
Complement / Crew
Full crew in 20 can be operated by 2

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