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Illiria Tinkwiffle

Dame, Master Sergent Illiria Bella - Gemfinger (She her)

A skilled medic and master mechanic of Gnomish decent. Illiria Tinkwiffle ranked as a master sergeant in the Knights of Steel transportation corps. She serves on the three-hundred-fifth's R-31 transport alongside her husband Thamas, who is the pilot. Illiria is currently with child though very early in the pregnancy.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lean and strong for her size. She has curves but wears clothing that masks this. Has a good exercise ethic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the west of Danuber prefecture. Her family was poor and spent most of their time working hard to provide. The day she was born an æther storm was closing in on the region. The storm was a massive one that was formed with little warning. Illiria's mother went into labor at the crescendo of the storm. The birthing was swift and oddly easy as Illiria came into the world. She spent her childhood with her head in books when she wasn't helping her mom around the house. She was there for the birth of both her siblings. As she was growing up she took on more responsibilities and discovered an unnatural skill in fixing things. She reached the point where she could seemingly even piece things back together and repair them despite the issues that would normally occur. She worked with the school's shop course and was discovered to have a magical talent. She could mend any object as long as she had the majority of the pieces. Finding working on machines less interesting now that she knew it was a magical talent, she decided that she would learn something new. She signed up for the medical curriculum. She had no particular nack of medicine which drove her to work harder than any other person in her course. She graduated with middle-high marks and decided to find a job that would pay enough to give her younger siblings and parents a better life. The tecknights always are looking for medics from what she had heard when she was young. She decided to visit the recruiter. On her first tour, she was assigned to the hundred and second power armor core. She spent four years healing injured infantry, and civilians. She enjoyed the work but she wanted increased wages. So she revealed her talent. She was transferred to the three-hundred-fifth. There she meets the man she will eventually marry. Thamas.

Gender Identity

Female, she is a woman and willing to whip anyone who questions it, which includes miss judging her age.


Hetero, with an Aerophilia kink.


College level. Paramedic, with combat qualifications, met.


Worked on her family farm, took a scholarship to college, and worked as a convenience store attendant. Joined the Knights of Steel.

Accomplishments & Achievements

College Graduate. Complete basic training, and Combat Medic MOS. Through revealing her magic talent she gained her Engineering MOS.

Failures & Embarrassments

Is easily bored by tasks that are too easy. Is extremely miserly with her(and Thamas's) money.

Mental Trauma

Was bullied to a degree for being poor.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligent, but will give up on excelling in things that she finds too easy.

Morality & Philosophy

Good, but as a means to an end, if what she is doing will have a gross positive effect she will go for it.


Frivolous spending.
Current Status
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Æther storm
Current Residence
The Sleepy Nymph
brown, large curly ringlet
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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