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The Knights of Steel

"The knights of steel have stood against the worst foes that the Northern Alliance has faced since before they had even stopped shooting at each other. We protected the small towns that supply the arcologies with the supplies that they cannot make for themselves. And here we are, catching shit from a shiftless regular army captain for not engaging a hunter team that crossed the border to slay an aberrant creature that must have been a new form of æther mutation. It actually was able to destroy two of our knights to the point that they are being recycled."
First Luitentant Damien Bezna
The knights of steel is an organization that was founded around the use of combat mecha to defend the people from the dangers in the wild. Members of the organization can inherit the position, or purchase their way in. A member who purchases their way in will be purchasing a basic Tecknight to be customized. Knights of Steel are often called upon to combat foes that a typical military unit would have difficulty engaging. While the Knights of Steel are an organization of technical mercenaries, they have largely remained contracted to the The Northern Alliance. The rare exception comes in the form of being hired as monster hunters.


A section contains five tecknights the lowest-ranked tecknight pilot is Luitentant and a section is led by a First Luitentant. A squadron contains up to three sections with an R-31 Command Vehicle and is lead by a Captain. A company is made of five sections and often operates from a regional base and is led by a Luitentant Colonel. A division is five companies led by a Colonel. The Order is led by the Knight General.   There are also Powered armor elements, these are squads of twenty powered armor soldiers. Four squads make a company. Four companies make a Division and there are currently two divisions in the command of the knight general.   Each squadron or company respectively is supported by an R-31 command vehicle.

Public Agenda

The protection of civilians from the wild creatures that can threaten them. They will also fight against mechanized foes or constructs. If ordered to act outside the scope of these two factors, they will often ignore the orders.


Through the boon of gifts for their services, fees of entry, and bounties on machines or monsters the monetary assets of the Knights of Steel allow them to maintain armories full of some of the best weapons available. They are occasionally hired directly to defend trade caravans or even wealthy individuals. Tecknights often own their machines, and the powered armor used in the infantry companies is leased to the soldiers who wear them to own.


The tecknights have long served as defenders of the people. In the early days, they used powered armor almost exclusively. The Development of the Tecknight suit allowed for a new method of fighting these threats. In only one instance have they been called on to fight in a true military fashion. A raid from an external threat sought to claim Orgranys as a slave colony. The knights employed the powerful tools developed to do their self-appointed tasks to deadly effect. Destroying landing craft as they entered the atmosphere.

Nos audere ubi perdidit inveniuntur

Founding Date
Military, Other
Alternative Names
The Tecknights, the Fraternal Order of Mecha Pilots
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
Organization Vehicles

Subcontracted military Attachment.

The Knights of Steel in their opinion serve the world, despite being on retainer to the Northern Alliance. The north despite its advanced military and technology is infested with many more monsters. The Northern Alliance is frustrated by the independence of the knights but willing to let them act as they will because it frees up the actual military.

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