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Prince Owyn Odall

Prince Owyn Odall, also known as the Wayward Prince, went down in history even though he never wore a crown nor did anything heroic or worthy mentioning other than fathering many, many children. According to official records, Prince Owyn fathered two children. According to disputes over nobility status years after his passing, he fathered many more.

Many Garyialans claim descent from Bodia and Setor and the people of Qual, but it is more likely they descent from the Wayward Prince.
— Sceptical civilian

Early Life

As the fifth child and many years younger than his siblings, Prince Owyn was never really bothered with princely duties. He was born to the Empress and Emperor of Garyiala unexpectedly. His siblings were ten to twenty years older, and Owyn never really fit in with them. He was a pretty young thing, and while his tutors always had trouble making him pay attention to his lessons, everybody was charmed by his polite manners and smooth tongue.
By age twelve, prince Owyn knew all the secret passages of the castle like the back of his hand. He got into mischief often, going places where he wasn't allowed, like the ladies bathhouse, the East tower and the apothecary.

Court Intrigue

As a teenager, Owyn quickly became interested in court life, pleasure herbs and female company. He could often be found in the presence of other nobility, and quickly gathered a group of like-minded young men and women around him.
When the Emperor died, and his eldest sister became Empress, Owyn became an important asset to her, for he knew much about the nobility of Garyiala. For years he travelled the empire and beyond to gather important information for the crown.


Prince Owyn eventually died on the road, traveling south on bequest of the empress, when his horse slipped on a small mountain ridge pass. His body was never recovered.
The number of bastards fathered by prince Owyn is uncertain, and it is believed his escapades may even extend far beyond the borders of the Garyialan Empire at that time.
Date of Birth
839 SD
Date of Death
868 SD


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