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The Grand Gizmo

"Momma, Momma, can we go to the docks to see what the Gizmo has brought?"
"Finish you chores and then we will go."
--Conversation between a little boy and his mother the day the Grand Gizmo came to their port
  The Grand Gizmo sails from The Fearsome Enclave and to a few ports on the mainland. The ship is filled with all kinds of wonderous gadgets. There is nothing like them produced anywhere else in the world. The technology produced by the gnomes is highly saught after and it is always a happy day when the Gizmo arrives in port. Children run to the docks to see what the gnomes bring because they are the best toy makers anywhere.

Power Generation

The Gizmo has steam-powered bellows and a valve system to power hydrojets. It also uses wind power via its sails.


Gizmo uses hydrojets to suck water in and shoot it out to propel it forward. The system works in reverse as well to move backward. Adjustable fins and smaller jets on each side control the direction of the ship. Also, sails on its three masts are used to power and direct the ship.

Weapons & Armament

30 cannons on the top deck
20 smaller guns on the 2nd level
1 catapult and 1 arrow/harpoon thrower mounted on 360 degree swivels on each of the two towers

Armor and defense

Flamesteel plating covers the ship to protect it from enemy weapons.

Communication Tools & Systems

Magitech sending and receiving tablets are used to communicate with the gnomish home island. Smaller devices with similar technology are worn by the crew and passengers for internal communication while on a voyage.

Hangars & docked vessels

Each of the two towers on the deck house a dirigible.
Very Rough Sketches

GFS (Gnomish Fleet Ship)
Bringing gadgets to a port near you
One of a kind
200 ft
500 ft
40 ft
1,000 tons
13 knots / 15 mph
Complement / Crew
800 - 1,000 gnomes


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