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SC 2023 Reading Challenge

Summer Camp Experience

This year was my first ever WA Summer Camp, and honestly almost didn't happen. I hadn't logged on in quite a while, and happened to hop on to check for a small detail I knew I had written down somewhere and couldn't find in my notebooks. I am so happy I did! It was half way through July when I hopped on and saw the post about Summer Camp 2023.

The next two weeks were the most productive I have been in nailing down details for Oabos since its creation. The prompts were a wonderful motivator, and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Despite my late start, I was able to finish 24 articles and earn gold. I only wish I had logged on sooner and had the time to go for all 42. I saved a list of all the prompts I didn't get to, and will probably spend the next while completing them for myself.

The energy and support in this community is amazing! Everyone is so ready to offer help or a quick boost at any time. It's so perfect for those dreaded moments of imposter syndrome kicking in. It has been such a wonderful experience!

Goals for the Rest of the Year

Now for the real question: Where am I going from here? Summer Camp was a huge motivator for me and showed me that developing this world into something is not only possible, but it also feels within reach. My biggest goal for the rest of the year is to keep up the momentum and stick with it. I am really looking forward to future events amping up that motivation throughout the year. I am not familiar with the different events each year and really looking forward to seeing each as they come up.

My main goal right now is to start planning out the world maps to get more specific. I'm reaching a point in creating and referencing places where I really need to nail down where they are and what they look like on the map. So much of where everything is depends on the history of the human race settling into Oabos, so more world history will be designed alongside the maps.

The secondary focus for now I expanding the cast. While I have many of the primary and secondary characters planned out, the main character is currently living in a grand city with no other people. He needs colleagues, citizens, daily routines, and minor conflicts to start the main storyline. Its time to start creating all of them.

Summer Reading Articles

Prompt One: A "negative" condition that has hidden advantages

The concept of this prompt is something that I have always loved. It is so fun to look at something that could range from bad to horrible, and find some bright spot. There are so many different ways you can go with a prompt like this that I had to take a look. There were 153 entries for this prompt, so I decided to scroll to a random spot in the list and scan for the first thing to catch my eye. I did try to avoid articles with a lot of likes and/or comments. Trying to help spread the love around.

Other shape
Condition | Feb 26, 2024
by BasicDragon
Such a neat way of handling the prompt. The condition is aside effect of defying the will of their god and goddess, but that defiance is not giving up magic. The condition itself also has the benefit of a second form. I would love to learn more about this Other Shape, how it came to be, and what it truly is.
Empathic Replication
Condition | Jul 30, 2023
by no-bees nova
This article was actually a work in progress and I was unable to like or comment on it, but wanted to share because it is such a neat concept. The idea behind the condition is that there are changelings who suffer from the condition of their shape changing being influenced by the emotions of others instead of their own will. From the perspective of a changeling this could be devastating. Using it to go into espionage is an awesome solution.
Prismatic Bloodfever
Condition | Jul 24, 2023
by Bonus Action
This article is so much fun! Written as a disease with a full effect table, this disease is part of a campaign setting that I would love to play in. While it is clearly a disease with some pretty impressive negative symptoms, the random blood effects are too much fun to ignore.

Prompt Two: A character who excels in manipulating others

Manipulative characters have always been my go-to favorites. They always catch my eye and keep me hooked into what is going on. There was no way I would be able to resist reading through a bunch of these articles. I must not be alone in my love of these characters, since there were 216 entries for the prompt. I ended up sticking to my method of scrolling to a random spot in the list and scan for the first thing to catch my eye. I did try to avoid articles with a lot of likes and/or comments.

Evelyn Tyrell
Character | Jul 31, 2023
by Keon Croucher
Much of this character seemes to be based around the mentality of reaching her goal no matter the cost. This type of character is fun to see in action, but I would love to see more of what the mundane parts of her life look like as well.
Xathoidem, The Voiceless One
Character | Jul 28, 2023
by The_Betrayer_Titan
This article caught my attention bfore I even got to reaing it. The quote to start the article off is the perfect indicator of just what type of manipulative character she is going to be. Reading the rest of the article just made her better and better. I would love to see how her character would be presented in-world.
Character | Jul 24, 2023
by Alex the Creatrix
This character was a different kind of fun. I spent too long trying to figure out what the character looks like, and ended up giving myself a headache. Based on the information in the article, that is probably the most perfect outcome. It is also great to see that this character is mentioned specifically using their powers of manipulation only for good. I would love to see what happens if the definition of "good" changes, or if there is any long game.

Prompt Three: A tradition or behavior considered old fashioned

This prompt is one that I started at for hours during summer camp. I wanted to give it a shot, but was struggling to come up with anything that would be considered old fashioned in Oabos. The main story takes place too close to the humans being stranded on-world to have developed much that has already been given up as old fashioned. With this prompt I took a different approach. I decided to scan through all of the titles and grab three that felt different. The goal was to find angles I might not have considered for the prompt, and I was not disappointed!

Suck it up, Sis.
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 29, 2023
by Wanted Hero
This article is an interesting take on the prompt. It is a negative outlook of considering care for aging parents to be an outdated or old-fashioned practice not worth the character’s time and energy.
Moss Clothing
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 14, 2024

An old type of clothing from Sacaethea. Moss clothing was a last resort for clothing items after the Burning Sea War.

by Mochimanoban
This took another interesting angle on the prompt. The article is about a type of clothing that was developed during a dangerous time on the world, and was later moved away from. The old fashioned tradition or behavior is continuing to wear this type of clothing.
Equinox Open Invitation
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 18, 2023
by Philipwn
This tradition is part of a larger event that is still common, but its roots and original rituals are mostly forgotten. It is a neat approach to having something be old fashioned while still being current.

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