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Other shape

The other kids think I'm weird for having an other shape.
— A girl to her mother
This condition used to affect the entire species of Spectera but is now only a condition held by the ethnicity of Saquron.   Because the Saquron defied the Magick decree of the God and Goddess and refused to stop using magic, the rest of the species view them and this condition as an abomination. This condition, the ability to change shape, is proof that the Spectera is using magic.  


The Spectera is a very magical species. Some of the Saquron proudly proclaim that they are magically stronger than the dragons. The only magick in the known universe that they still have not been able to tame is the magic used by their own God and Goddess. Some of the Saquron also believe that this other shape is their true shape and that their God and Goddess perverted their body to their current bipedal humanoid one that all Spectera now spend most of their time in.   The reason for this is that in their other shape, they gain more essence, the source of magick that they prefer to use, while in their humanoid bipedal shape, they lose essence. Other Saquron do not believe this, though. As many species lose essence over a day without using magic and replenish it by eating, drinking, and sleeping.   Many Saquron believes that the other shape is a condition that they have acquired by being proficient in magical use. Their proof is that children won't obtain their other shape until they have trained for several years and can pass the first proficiency test.   After the children have passed their first proficiency test, they will be taught how to change into their other shape. For most children, it will take a while to practice, but for some, it's natural.


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Aug 25, 2023 02:21 by Kydra

This is such a neat concept. I love how much it sets up possible story conflict. It caught my attention enough that I went scanning through some of your other articles.

Aug 29, 2023 18:25 by Dragon

Thank you! :3

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