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Magick decree of the God and Goddess

These are the first documents ever written. Nobody could really read it back then, though. Now only a couple of them have been preserved.
— A historian
Around 2500 years ago the God decreed that the species of Spectera were not allowed to use magic anymore.  


The God and the Goddess of the Spectera invented writing only around 2500 years ago, and thus much of their history is only oral. According to their oral stories they have been using magic since the beginning when their creators, the God and the Goddess, created them. The Spectera used their magic for several thousands of years and since their God had taught them how to be curious they quickly learned a lot about their magic. The God and the Goddess suddenly said that they did not like how the Spectera had started to use their magic.   The Spectera can hear the voices of the God and the Goddess in their heads, and 2500 years ago, the Goddess taught Spectera across the planet how to write just to have them write down this decree by their God so it could be hung on the wall in every house.  

The decree

The documents were primarily written on fabrics, but some wrote them on papyrus or clay tablets. The documents were written by at least one person in every household. Usually, the man of the family as most cultures of the Spectera species are very binary.  
Because of our actions, the God and the Goddess have concluded that magick is an unclean force, and as staunch followers of the God and the Goddess, this house pledge to never again use our Other shape or in any other way shape or form touch magick ever again.   We listen to our God and agree that magick is unclean. We will not let it spread its contamination. This is an important law that we promise to follow on our own life.


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