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Larzy Pikoće, Red Lilies

The larzy pikoć (red lily) is a flower species, growing in the Dark Lands. It is the base ingredient for many magical decoctions; among the other, the one inducing the magic field sensitiveness trance.

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Uses, Products & Exploitation

In the Dark Lands, were fighting against powerful demonic creatures is a daily routine in many villages, magical empowering decoctions are widespread to get an advantage against the enemy (or more often a fair chance of winning). The stamens of red lilies, when properly pestled and prepared with pure water, serve as a fundamental basis for many of this concoctions.   Unfortunately, they seem to be toxic for cats, which are present in almost every village since they keep rodents away. Dark Lands inhabitants prefer to be slaughtered by demons than die for hunger, so most villages have cats and don't have lilies. Instead, sedentary @aln grow red lilies in large quantities for alchemy sake. Some of them also have cats, but they can teach them to avoid lilies using magic.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The most dangerous pest is a beetle laying eggs on the underside of leaves, protected inside brown frass. Its larvae feed on the leaves for around a month, causing massive damage, then retire in the soil for another month, after which they came out again as adults and eat what remains.   To avert this event, farmers rely on a species of small wasps, the beetle eater, which lays its eggs inside the beetle larvae frass, killing them before they are born. The wasp is completely harmless for other plants and the farmer, and do not preclude the use of lilies as an alchemy ingredient.   The best way to attract the wasp is to plant some green djone, a small carnivorous plant, and accurately spread on its back or leaves some nectar taken from the inside, so that the wasp does not kill itself.
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