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Krehwir (krɛxvir)

Krehwir is a renowned criminal active in the southern plains of the Dark Lands, between the cities of Dźike, Remnava and Medźina.   He is affiliated with the Swan's Army and has trade relations with the Salt Trading Company.   He has several sources of income. The main ones rely on asking farmers and merchants for tolls. If they don't pay outright, he commits arson, destroying their property and proceeds to sell them as slaves to the Company.  


Contacts & Relations

Krehwir is a priest of the Swan's Army, a veteran member with the power of initiating recruits. He started as a cygnet, like everybody else, but quickly distinguished himself for his cruelty and lack of remorse. He devoted his life to his criminal activities outside the cities with a small group of other recruits. At the time, he constrained his acts to ask for tolls on secondary roads since his power was still limited.   When he became a priest, he got a specialised escort of trained soldiers, the Guards of Destruction. With them covering his back, he expanded his business, both geographically and in magnitude.   At this point, he had enough power to threaten landowners and even escorted merchants from destroying their properties unless they paid a recurring fee. He contacted the Salt Trading Company to ensure they were interested in a possible collaboration. They accepted a promising offer. Krehwir would not annoy their merchants, and in exchange, they would buy slaves from him.   His preferred way of dealing with bad payers became committing arson against them to get them into further debts. Then he would act as a mediator between the victim and their creditors. The Company would step in to buy the debts (and the slave), and a part of the money would go to Krehwir.   Nobody has even tried to stop his traffics ever since.  

Hobbies & Pets

Krehwir has a pet wolf named Goluk. It is unclear where or when he got it. Most people believe it is a spirit or even a demon, part of the benefits the criminal earned for worshipping the Dark Swan.  
Current Location
Year of Birth
2051 TE 45 Years old
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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