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Guards of Destruction

The Guards of Destruction are veteran members of the Swan's Army, who devoted their fighting skills to protect priests.  


Those cygnets who prove themselves tough, skilful and devoted to the cause can apply for the Guards ranks. They are further trained in the ways of magic and martial arts and undergo several trials before priests deem them worthy. When they are finally admitted, they are assigned to a priest they will protect for the rest of their life, with no exceptions.   As soon as they meet their priest, which they usually call master, they swear allegiance until death, are blessed and start serving them as bodyguards.  

Until Death Tell Us Apart

The general understanding is that the priest should not be attacked, as long as at least one of their guards is alive since they should fight for them. However, it can happen, and often does, that the master wants to fight alongside them. Krehwir, for instance, is usually in the first line.   If for whatever reason, the priest dies and a guard is still alive, they must look for the person who killed them and avenge their death. Once "order is restored", as they say, they can look for another priest and ask for a new master to protect.   However, they are expected to commit suicide, either on the spot where their master died or where they avenged them. If they end up looking for another priest, they will be asked why they are still alive, and what the circumstances of their master's death were.   It is likely they will not find another priest to protect.  



Slightly above cygnets, guards of destruction's offensive arsenal usually include their fists (or claws if present), several kinds of weapons, with a preferred one, and arcane arts.   The blessing they carry with them guarantees physical prowess and enhanced resistance.  
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