High Temple of the Moon

Rer Vis iof Sili, High Temple of Moon in Doujatar language, is the sanctuary of the Doujate Kingdom capital, Krylach, in the eastern Doujate, along the Rhon river. It serves as headquarters of the Moon Church.

Purpose / Function

The High Temple is the most important place of worship for the Moon Church. The High Priestess lives and administers the cult (and the kingdom) from here.   It serves as a fortified and sanctified access point to the Garden of Memories, a magical place at the base of the mountains where the Moon Goddess is said to dwell.   It is a pilgrimage destination for many Iruir seeking spiritual guidance or blessing against the Abyss. The High Priestess herself has always performed public rituals to cast wards against many forms of abyssal corruption, in particular the Demonic Taint , for which a cure has been found only very recently.   A decorated wooden throne has been added in a raised position in the main hall. Here the High Priestess receives political delegations to discuss matters of kingdom-wide importance.   In the inner temple, priestesses can enter in communion with the Goddess, ask for her guidance and hear her requests. Though any priestess can do this, it is a privilege usually reserved to the High Priestess and a few others.


The high temple is the first great temple dedicated to the Moon Goddess, built around a previous smaller memorial altar from the second era, which is now included in the inner temple, only accessible by priestesses.   The altar was build during the second era on the very spot where the first priestess, Eleise, received the gift of magic from the goddess to fight off demons, immediately after that event. Around the altar, a small building rose in the following years, where Iruir people could pray and ask the Goddess for help.   When Damparo, champion of the Moon, ended the second era killing Etrem, the demon king, he came here in pilgrimage for the second time, offering his victory to the Goddess, who blessed him with eternal life, turning him into a stone guardian of the lands where she dwells, the mountain beyond the holy city. Since the temple was on the very passage granting access to the position of the guardian and these lands, it was immediately fortified.   But it was only in the year 372 that the project of the High Temple as we know it today was laid, under the supervision of Sim Lifrhich Louncheu Leva. The construction lasted almost ten years. The building has been reinforced and restructured several times now, but never expanded or significantly modified in both its external appearance and internal organization.
Founding Date
Cathedral / Great temple
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