Sim Lifrhich Louncheu Leva uf Rhevech-Tarin ta Kumirnuf

Sim Lifrhich Luncheu Leva uf Rhevech-Tarin ta Kumirnuf, which means High Priestess Luncheu Leva of Rhevec-Tarin, lead the Moon Church from the year 370 until she died in 403. She is known with the nickname ta Kumirnuf, which means the reform: she changed many aspects of the cult. In particular, in her late years, she opened to males the possibility of becoming priests.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Moon priestesses are seen as heirs of the first one, Eleise, chosen by the Goddess herself to receive the gift of magic. Eleise was a girl, so males can't become priests. In time, some tried and argue that Eleise was the most powerful person in the village back then, that the choice was not driven by gender, so males should be able to enter the clergy; the answer to this was, and still is, that if the Goddes wanted something to change, she would have spoken so, as she did in many occasions.   Louncheu Leva became High Priestess in year 370 and started making reforms almost immediately. Firstly, she redesigned the High Temple of the Moon ro reflect the growing influence of the cult in eastern Doujate.   Then she proposed to open to males the possibility of becoming servants of the Goddess, but not priests. Servants are the lowest members of the clergy; they help during ceremonies and ritual and often accompany Priestesses, but have no direct contact with the Goddess and can't access many rooms in temples, notably the inner altars. The whole Church advised the High Priestess against this reform, but she did not listen to anybody and went on, forcing the change with her position, in the year 388.   In that period, the Elaique family was successfully annexing neighbouring cities to their possessions, contributing to the growth of the Church too. During a visit to the new territories in the year 394, she was attacked by demons. The escort repelled the attackers, but some months after she contracted the Demonic Taint.   Before the worsening of her condition, she introduced two last reforms. First in 397, when she opened the servant position to non-Iruir, then in 401, when she equalised males and females in the clergy, claiming the Goddess asked for both changes.   She died in 403, officially suicide because of her disease.   Soon after her death a meeting of all major priestesses and representatives of the Elaique family decided to withdraw her last reform, forbidden again males to become priests. The repeal was justified because the taint induces madness and deprive of rational thinking. They claimed the High Priestess was victim of demonic energies and could hear the Goddess no more.   Still, they kept the open the possibility for anybody to become a servant, which was more comprehensive than before the reforms.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Date of Birth
321 TE, July 15th
321 TE 403 TE 82 years old
Circumstances of Death
Officially she contracted Demonic Taint and committed suicide.
Aligned Organization

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