Head Priestess

The Head Priestess, Sim Lifrych in modern Doujatar, is the highest rank in the Moon Church clergy. She must reside within the High Temple of the Moon in the Holy City, in eastern Doujate.   Only female elves native to Doujate can become Head Priestesses. The official reason is that the first priestess, Eleise, who received the magic as a gift from the Goddess, was a female elf, according to the myth. Sim Lifrhich Louncheu Leva uf Rhevech-Tarin ta Kumirnuf made the only recorded attempt at modifying this tradition in 401, allowing male elves into the priesthood. After her death, the council undid her reform. No one has ever attempted any change again.   Sometimes, she is referred to as the "Third Moon", the first being the Goddess, the second the heavenly one.   In 1087, the Council of the Church changed the official title from "Sim Lifrhich" to "Sim Lifrych", to conform to linguistical changes.  


When the Head Priestess in charge dies, the Council of the Church meets in the Garden of Memories, where Damparo resides, and discuss with him who the successor should be. The Doujatar king or his ambassador is allowed entrance to the meeting, under the condition they do not speak a word of what had been said. Once the Council is settled on a few names, Damparo leaves and go speaking with the Goddess and returns after a few days with her proposal, which can be (and has often been) wildly different from the Council's candidates. Needless to say, in the case of disagreement, divine will takes precedence.   Once the meeting has begun, no one can leave the Garden until Damparo speaks the successor's name. A peculiar clause in the rules is that participants may not even die during the process: if one of them does, they must start again from the beginning, calling of the Council included. Until now, this never happened. Many died soon after the guardian spoke, but no one before.   When the meeting is over, the Council calls the person for the holy investiture in the High Temple at the following full moon night. Damparo bestows upon the new Sim Lifrych the blessing of the Goddess by presenting her the sacred amulet: the Silver half-moon.  

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

According to cleric rules, "it is impossible for any being or organization, even with religious, political or otherwise mundane powers, to remove the Head Priestess from her position, except by killing her, thus declaring war against the Church and the Kingdom, unless they represent the Goddess herself, being her directly chosen champion".   Even the mad reformer, Louncheu Leva remained in charge until the end of her days, at least officially, though someone doubts this version.   At the current time, the only being able to depose the High Priestess is Damparo, the Guardian of the Moon, since only he is the champion of the Goddess.  


The Head Priestess has been the spiritual guide and political leader of Doujatar elves for a long time. The title dates back to an unspecified time during the second era when Nys was more similar to the modern Dark Lands than to a civilised world. The Goddess has helped the people surviving the darkness and has protected them for about three thousand years through the person of the Head Priestess. The role of the Sim Lifrych has changed during these years from being the only one enlightened with the gift of magic to the voice of the Goddess guiding the Doujatar Kingdom against its political enemies.   During the second era, her role was to protect her people against demons, waiting for the foretold champion to defeat the archdemon ruling upon Nys. Soon after, she founded the first Nysian city of the third era, Krylach, the Holy City, and became its ruler. During this period, she divided her attention between planning for the city and providing spiritual guidance to her people.   During the first centuries, the protected city attracted more and more people from nearby lands. The Church influence area expanded quickly, and the organization became more difficult. With the growth conflict with neighbouring countries arose, making impossible handling both spiritual and political matters impossible for a single person. In year 261, the Head Priestess Alma uf Semaine ta Irh, gathered nine among the most pious and founded the Council of the Church to help her administrate the Church and its territories.   According to the treaties after the Nesto War for hegemony over Doujate, all territories under Church jurisdiction were formally annexed to Doujatar Kingdom. Many thought this meant the Head Priestess would have focused her efforts on religious matters. It was not so. The Sim Lifrych became the highest title in Doujate, with kings themselves kneeling in front of her, eager to swear allegiance to the Goddess to get her blessing (and people's support).   Still nowadays, the Head Priestess chooses the heir to the Doujatar throne and has immense political powers, at the point that the king must consult her before declaring war or making otherwise important decisions.   Her role as a spiritual guide did not disappear, however. She is still leading ceremonies in the High Temple and protecting the people against the Abyss, even though, for the latter purpose, she can count on Doujatar Kingdom's army. In particular, the Head Priestess can initiate a lunade, a war against the enemies of the Moon. When she calls for a lunade against a threat, every army division and military organization sworn to the Goddess must focus on the menace, unless already engaged in strategic maneuvres in another war.  

Notable Holders

The following are among the most famous Head Priestesses, in chronological order.   Eleise and Elaique, respectively First Priestess, Chosen by the Moon, Receiver of Magic and the one who blessed Damparo and initiated the first lunade agains the archdemon. Some scholars argue Eleise and Elaique could be the same person, if they existed at all. Damparo admittedly knows the truth but does not want to share.   Alma uf Semaine ta Irh founded the Council of the Church.   Louncheu Leva uf Rhevech-Tarin ta Kumirnuf tried to reform access to the clergy, in particular allowing male elves to become priests.   Nejayne Terin uf Elaique ta Peprouf initiated the second lunade against the Undead descending from the Frozen Lands in the North.   Jen-Cheva Menaux uf Tarin ta Furmouf initiated the third lunade agains demons during the abyssal crisis in nineteenth century.  
Religious, Clerical
Form of Address
Sim Lifrych
Alternative Naming
Third Moon
Source of Authority
Moon Goddess
Length of Term
Until death
Related Organizations
Related Professions

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