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Garden of Memories

Where history lives forever

The Garden of Memories is the place where Damparo, the Guardian of the Moon, lives. It is located in eastern Doujate at the entrance of the Sieuch Valley, close to the Holy City. The Chuch built the High Temple on the path towards the garden, the closest possible to the Goddess, and now it serves as sanctified access to it.   It is named after the historical statues that magically appears within it. Damparo refers to it as siaradd cut, in a forgotten language from the second era he only knows, which translates to "garden of memories". Doujatar people call it Andi uf Joupes, garden of the art pieces.  


The garden can be divided into places called pefnakadd. Each pefnak is unique and immutable and can contain hedges, lawns, pods, flowers, arches, trees, statues and small buildings. Some of them are pathways connecting the others.   They are the bricks forming the garden, but their position can change, as an effect of the magical sigils Damparo controls. It has been proved he can reorganize them whenever he wants, even when there are people inside, making orientation almost impossible.   Everyone can access the garden and usually experience a pleasuring time without having to worry about pefnakadd changing, unless they somehow prove to be a nuisance for Damparo or other visitors. The guardian does not usually take action personally, but he can move the pefnakadd to force annoying people outside. He only needs to block any other path until they eventually exit.   Even though everyone can enter, it is not always possible to speak with Damparo. The Church would actually like to forbid encountering the champion, but he strongly disagrees. After lengthy discussions, he convinced them there was nothing they could do to force that rule on him, and they dropped the topic. When he is in the right mood, he can grant access to the hill where he stands. In these occasions, he loves to hear news from outside, in particular from Wayfarers. Since the Church still annoyed him saying it was not advisable to bring people on top the hill, so close to the Sieuch valley entrance, he began meeting people in the garden itself. They also complained that doing so he would leave its place as a guardian. He threatened them to lock priestesses outside the garden, and they stopped.   Because of the pefnakadd mechanism, it is impossible to even estimate the real extension of the place. Until now, scholars counted more than two thousand pefnakadd, with new ones popping out once every few months.  

Artistic Heritage

The garden features a significant art collection, consisting mostly of statues, some buildings and a couple of paintings. New pieces become part of a pefnak (assembled for the occasion or an already existing old one) and will never move from there.   They all represent, with a few rare cases, historical or mythological events. One of the paintings, for instance, depicts the Nogry Węsz, the Dark Swan emerging from a lake, a statue is believed to represent the Moon Goddess and another one stages the priestess who sacrificed herself to seal the Valkufri demon.   The art pieces seem to appear out of nowhere. Nobody has ever seen a sculpture enter the garden, and many of them are fairly large and difficult to hide. After significant events, the art appears in its location. Rumour has it Damparo takes secret several pefnakadd answering questions about the first and the second era.   When asked about the topic, Damparo answers he is not responsible for the magical appearances and that the Goddess is also not involved. He claims there are no secret sculptures too. He says he tries to variate as possible the accessible pefnakadd so that people can appreciate different art and recall several events.   Not everyone believes this claim. Those who do, argue in favour of the guardian that he and the Church learnt of some events from the statues, so they cannot be involved in their creation.
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Alternative Names
Siaradd cut, Andi uf Joupes
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Related Tradition (Primary)
A pathway pevnak.   Painting of the Dark Swan emerging from the lake.

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