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Solis Whiteflower

Solis WhiteFlower

Bard To The Gods

The floating city of Zarbeth, was taking its turn to hover over the elven lands of Irrin. Zarbeth being the home of celestials often housed the gods on occasion. The goddess Astra decided to come down from the city and into the troubled elven lands , to give hope and spread love during a time when the two were rare. During her visit she could hear the enchanting tunes of a harp and the prettiest voice she’d ever heard singing. Following the music until she came upon Solis’s tower, and into her garden where she performed her daily songs to her beloved servants. Astra peered from behind a tree as she watched in awe. Astra appeared to Solis ,acclimated to the way the Limorsi thrive off of praise and renown. She was pleasantly surprised by Soli’s unpretentious and meek manner . Astra became infatuated by the beautiful elven women for her love for writing and her precious harp. She began to spend all her time in the gardens; she'd visit Solis every day, she’d listen to her perform , help Solis write music and tell her stories of the gods. She’d bring down books from the sacred libraries of Zarbeth, show her art from civilizations lost long ago. Most importantly though, she would question Solis , wanting to know everything about the women. As timid as she was it was always hard to get Solis to speak but once she did, Astra could listen for hours if Solis would let her.  
One glance at her Love pours out like morning sun Warmth, radiance, and calm Morning glories blossom Reminiscent of my heart -Solis
    As soon as Astra caught wind of Solis’s family life she felt there was no reason for Solis to stay, and granted her godly status so she could enter and live in Zarbeth. Astra made Solis a Demi-god of beauty, music and art. And showed her off to the gods proud of her little hidden gem. Solis would thrive in Zarbeth, playing music for angels and gods alike, catching the attention of Salzax, god of trickery among other things. And Laolna who often seeks out Solis’s harp when she needs a good rest. Solis still hasn't grown comfortable with her god-like status and prefers if people don’t pray to her. It is rare to find temples dedicated to Solis alone , usually there will be a shrine for her within temples of Astra. She is more famous for her songs, stories and poetry she’s written about the gods. As many use her writings and music to celebrate / worship their deities today.    
P-please get up, you don’t need to worship me , just speak to me and I will answer” -Solis

Divine Domains

Beauty, Music and Art

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A harp with with hearts on the strings.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Solis can write songs to put other beings to sleep, songs to help others fall in love and songs of healing both emotionally and physically. A blessing from Solis grants the recipient inner beauty so strong it shines on the outside, granting confidence and happiness, pure love surrounds the recipient.

Apparel & Accessories

Solis can always be found wearing an extravagant, large glimmering gown. She is routinely gifted dresses from fine tailors and seamstresses in Zarbeth who adore her. And also from Astra as she knows Solis though she doesn’t care to admit it , enjoys fine clothing and pretty things and pretty dresses. Her aesthetic is very dreamy and almost fairy-like    

Specialized Equipment

"Father's Harp"- A Large Harp Made of Silver and diamonds, a gift from her father one that she always cherished and still does to this day . As she learned how to play on this harp and it holds a special place in her heart. Though her and her father were never truly on good terms, she always felt that the gift built a small bridge between them. When before there had been nothing but troubled water.   "Harp Of infatuation" -An iridescent glowing harp made of decorated metal flowers and gleaming Gems, from the fairy lands of Faemoria. A gift to Solis from Astra , a magical harp that once played has the ability to charm those who hear the music. Astra Received help from her sister Leishna goddess of magic on enchanting the harp.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Solis was born to an old noble family whose name has been lost to time. The war between the Limorsi and the Dirthmors had only just begun. Tensions were at an all time high. Anger and grief hung in the air around her for much of her upbringing. She was there when the great forest that once was home to all elves was literally cut in half as war raged. And both sides claimed land and territory for their own.  
War Dismal, Dreary Crying, Hurting, Killing No victories, just battles won Death -Solis
    Though Solis knew nothing else but war, she was sensitive to it, not understanding what disagreements could possibly lead to so much loss and heartbreak. No outcome seemed worth what both sides had been through. And the sharp words and personality of her own kind never settled into her. She was an outcast but a noble, her opinions often angering those around her. So she kept to herself. Her father insisted on keeping her locked away anyway, until someone worthy of marriage came to claim her. Solis never really thought too much about marriage when she was younger but she did enjoy being kept away ,the outside world too painful and frightening.  
Tower that binds me Is Welcome and Safe ,yet So cold, and lonely Won’t Someone free me? Hear me? I am sheltered , I am safe. -Solis
    So she spent all her time in a tower her father had built for her when she was born. She enjoyed reading, writing, painting and practicing instruments in the gardens surrounding her quarters. Though she could play many instruments, her favorite was the harp. She naturally grew close with her servants and would surprise them by writing songs about them and performing to them. Secret tea parties were held with beautiful soft performances from Solis and her harp.

Mental Trauma

Solis was never close with anyone in her family growing up. Her connecting to her emotions made her come across as weak. And once it was realized that no matter the conditioning Solis would never change. She was ignored, left with the servants and left out of family matters. Her mother was always so cold and distant, her sister always wore a mocking smile and would pick on her on often as she breathed. Her brother was much older and had already been a respected Knight for many years before her birth , never really getting the chance to get to know him. And finally her father, just as cold and distant as her mother but with a strange streak of affection that would come and go like waves. Becoming very close with her nannies and servants growing up, Solis has a hard time understanding love because she has seldom received it. She grew into a shyness, for fear of being reprimanded or angering those around her. She has a constant fear of disapproval and the idea of letting others down is as strong of a fear as death is to human kind.


Social Aptitude

Very shy quite and soft spoken.


Solis speaks in Low melodic murmurs , her eyes are most often cast down when she speaks and she has a habit of tapping her fingers together when nervous or anxious.
Character image by Libraqueen on Artbreeder
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Pale Blue, large and Almond shaped
Long, shiny silver hair .
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Purple
Known Languages
Common , Elvish, Celestial.
Alshara is mother of all life.   She watched her children fall, and fight.   She’s vanished, gone, out of sight.   Not all hope is lost, yet.   Promises are kept.   Praise her, love her.   Worship her.   Seek her.   Mother.   Alshara’s Nonet- Solis

"Father's Harp"


Solis's Tower-

Solis's Garden-


Solis's Journal -

Solis's enchanted Journal Gifted to her from the god Ravnor . Here she writes all her poems and songs. While she writes , tiny light purple and blue transparent figures appear. Going Along with her entries.

"Harp Of infatuation"

Oh lovely day! Oh lovely day! Look how fast it’s gone away, gone astray By the Wrath of Akiria The rain is hard, the sky is black, the ground shakes as lightning cracks By the Wrath Of Akiria Nature tried to let us know, it’s time to leave! Nowhere to go! All is lost! By the wrath of Akira A sister who shares her face, not even she can keep pace Of the wrath of Akiria! When you see the storms come over the hill, know that nature wishes you ill From the wrath of Akiria.   Nature’s warning- Solis

"The Floating Cottage"

Solis's Island in Zarbeth, gifted to her by Astra. This is where Solis resides and where she spends most of her time. Dreamy celestial tea parties frequent here. 

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 Feb, 2022 11:33

Nice character! She really had a sad life with her family, I'm glad Astra has whisked her away from all of that! How did her family react when they realised what had happened?

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12 Feb, 2022 20:26

Thank you! And Solis left the first chance she could , without ever looking back . So she never really said goodbye or gave any explanations. Her mother and sister cut ties as soon as they heard, the envy they had towards Solis was strong. Her father though acted unphased , he actually had several temples built throughout the city in her honor, secretly supporting his daughter. He never once tried to communicate with Solis on any level, there's shame there for sure on how he treated her, but he’s not the kind of man to apologize. And Solis’s older brother actually died in battle weeks after Solis left, so he didn’t even get a chance to know.

13 Feb, 2022 13:10

Nice read! Seems like she had a terrible fate in that tower, good that her singing managed to get her out of there. Also quite fun how she doesn't want people to worship her :p

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16 Feb, 2022 04:31

Good job on the character development. I like that even as a demi-god her shyness still shows through. A tragic family (and culture) story. As a demi-god, did she try to do anything to stop the ongoing war in her homeland?