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A New Era: Dawn Of New Beginnings

It’s been over 500 yrs since the last evil dragon was slain. 500yrs since a catastrophic and deadly war against dragons came to a bitter end. So much death and loss it’s taken years for trust to build, for the fear to fade. Generations of constant paranoia of the return of evil dragons, living in the shadow of the suffering of those before them for so long. 500 yrs later and finally there is peace in the soul of Norria. It’s time to move forward, come out from the shadows of the past, and enter a new era. A Hopeful one that will shape the future of the people of Norria , it is a very fragile time. If it isn’t evil dragons it could be anything else, as Norria is vast and strange with its strong and wild magic. The world is ever changing by the gods that are actively still about the world in various forms. New continents can suddenly appear, new races suddenly just exist and new Demi-gods are created whenever the gods see fit.    
Be careful what you wish for and be careful who you trust,in the Lands Of Norria nothing is what it seems. Your eyes will trick you! Madness will get you! You’ll get lost in seas of Dreams. There is magic and Splendor and if you’ve ever wondered, how did this all come to be? Take a look at the sky and you’ll never ask why . The Gods will never set us free. - Solis WhiteFlower , Elf Demi-God of beauty and music, and art. 

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