If you put me in a store with all those delicious Etik treats than you will most definitely need to roll me outside afterwards.
— Pesalo Ristem, Rostora Island resident
  Etik is the resin from the Etik tree, which is found on Rostora Island, that has a great variety of culinary uses. The resin of these trees is quite delicious and although it has a hard texture it quickly softens to a gum like substance when chewed. This has made it quite popular for use in various deserts. Besides that the Etik resin can also be used to create Estika alcohol.  

Extra Information

Scientific Name
Ralina. Exik (Ralina Ethik)
Mainly found on Rostora Island
Environment Requirements
Require temperate warm to warm climate.
Average Height
1-2 m
Hardening Time
10-12 days
Harvesting Period
Once each season but can be hastened
Deserts, alcoholic drinks



Seasonal Discharge

  Every seaon the Etik tree discharges a good amount of resin from various locations along its trunk and branches. This occurs on quite a regular basis and farmers can somewhat predict the day that this process starts. When this discharge occurs the resin forms into a long tear shape which can sometimes even become half a meter long. This is why the forest where these trees can be found is often called the Forest of Tears.   After the resin is exposed to the air it takes about 10 to 12 days to harden after which it can be harvested.  

Faster Harvest

  Farmers have found a way to hasten this process. By making precise incisions they can manage to trigger this event once a month which is quite beneficial for the production. However, this practice is frowned upon by the priests of the island who believe the trees are inhabited by the ancestors who perished in wars from long ago.




  In the Elervir Isles and Etik has been used in a great variety of desert. Since the isles were taken over by the Pavan Empire the use of Etik also gained popularity in the core provinces.   In most cases it is used in its base form to add an extra flavour to things like pastries, cakes, sweets and even some breads. The special texture of the Etik gives a new layer to these desert and once it softens it gives of a sweet, refreshing and delicioius taste. Etik can also be turned in a sort of syrup which is also a popular addition for deserts.   Due to its special texture the Etik can also be used as a sort of chewing gum.  


  Another popular use for the Etik resin is making it into an alcoholic beverage named Estika. It is produced by adding mastic oil to alcohol after which it is diluted. A type of sugar is added to sweeten the beverage. Depending on the sweetener that is added and the process of production, the drink can either be rather clear or be slightly white. In all cases the end result is about 20% alcohol.    


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I love the details in this article, from the many uses of Etik to the conflict regarding the manner in which it is harvests. I would enjoy reading a story in which that conflict was part of the background worldbuiliding (or even front and center!) I also like this article because it reminds me of how we collect tree sap to make things like maple syrup.

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