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The First Circle

The first built and largest of the artificial worlds known as the Nine Circles, Primus is the third least desirable place to live in the Sol System. Only the surface of Venus, and the surface of Sol itself are considered worse places by popular online polls.   Only marginally smaller than the planet Mars, the construction of Primus was a long and arduous process. The project went wildly over budget numerous times, and hit by innumerable delays, and by the time construction was finished it was discovered that the world had been built just inside one of Saturn's outer radiation belts. While the resulting auroras were spectacular, the radiation was a real issue and nobody wanted to live there.   The artificial gravity generators that generated Earth-like gravity were swiftly dismantled and shipped to the second Circle under construction, which would later become known as Agria. Primus itself would become a penal colony to help recoup some of the financial losses involved in the world's construction, before being abandoned entirely when even that venture turned out to be unprofitable.   The only place in Saturnia not under the direct influence of the Board Of Executive Chairmen, the rule of law is a vague concept at best here. Primus is currently the place where all the "undesirable" people are exiled to, such as criminals, political activists, peaceful protesters, and annoying relatives who cheat at Monopoly.
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The First Circle
Planetoid / Moon
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