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What's wrong with that moon? I'll tell you what's wrong with that moon! It was designed by maniacs!
  Pandora is a small natural moon of Saturn. Too small to pull itself into a sphere under its own gravity, this potato shaped ball of rock and ice has been known to man since the 20th Century. It's orbit has always been observed as being somewhat chaotic, due to the result of gravitational interference from other objects orbiting Saturn creating a complex series of resonances. However, since the construction of the Nine Circles and their artificially strong gravity fields, Pandora's orbit has become nearly impossible to calculate, seeming to change orbital paths almost at random.   It's chaotically meandering, almost random path through Saturnia has lead many of the more gullible and superstitious to ascribe some supernatural agency to the moonlet. This is of course derided by academics as being ridiculous. There's no such thing as the supernatural, after all...   As with many of Saturn's small moons, Pandora found itself being bought by one of Saturnia's initial ultra-wealthy investors. Construction work on the moonlet began as planned, with a small powerplant, artificial gravity generators, radiation shielding, and plans for a fancy ultra-mansion being drawn up. That was when the problems started occurring. A series of mysterious and unfortunate problems, leading to hundreds of injuries among the construction crews and at least a dozen fatalities. A further six workers disappeared entirely without a trace, clocking in for work one day and then were never seen again.   Inundated with lawsuits over wrongful deaths and myriad health and safety violations, combined with soaring insurance premiums, the firm contracted to build on Pandora went bankrupt and work ceased. The original owner also met his untimely demise in what still remains one of Saturnia's greatest mysteries. Rumours spread that Pandora was haunted or cursed, and to this day many firms refused to build on it. The moon has been through at least a hundred different owners, and all have met their ends in gruesome and mysterious ways.   Pandora currently remains unowned and unoccupied, making it unique in Saturnia. Nobody wants to own it, build on it, or live on it, and its only purpose now is to be a uniquely unpredictable navigation hazard for spaceborne traffic moving across Saturnia.
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