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Oxer Day {English}

Few celebrate like the Orfordians, their Oxer Day is an old custom that they have had since Kyrkas ruled over them.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Oxer Day is a reoccurring festivity that the Orfordians have once a month. Mostly a tradition that has been passed over from the times that Orfordwhelm was a smaller subject to Kyrkas, it has its roots in the celebration of great hunts and battles.


A tradition that dates back several decades or even centuries before the Jorvik times, Oxer day have been a great celebration of harvests, hunts or, for some parts of Orfordhwelm, key celebrations like a great victory. Some see it as Orfordsmen's way of celebrating anything but according to themselves, many celebrate for what they have rather than to let things go to waste.


During the day, many will prepare food and many other things like the location of the great feast that will take place. The brewers of beer will sample their products and make sure to choose the best for the time of the year. The prepared foodstuff consists of meats and bread mostly, as vegetables are more of everyday food for the fieldworkers. Fish are also served, some villages take the old practice of fish and bread that is smoked days before the feast. A large table is set up for the participating people, a whole village can be eating together or the families gather together to eat in larger groups of close relations among friends.
If there has been a very successful harvest or hunt during the month, the festivities might move forward or be delayed to prepare special courses of food. If some religious day is celebrated the feast might be combined, depending on the God worshipped.


Everyone is able to participate, there is no real significant role, except for the women and men who makes the food for the feast.
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