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They are a people without a land of their own. All they do is travel in the foothills and lower mountains of the east, having lost their own lands and way of life to Orfordwhelm.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Together with the Runorer, Hugonir has lived in the lands east of the former Kingdom of Kyrkas, in what is today called Huren. Hugonir have since the Kyrians arrival been subjected to life-changing ways where their nomadic lifestyle was pushed away for the more established ways of living in one place. Many of both Hugonir and Runorer have over the 1000 years been pushed further into the hills and mountains, living in the valleys of their ancestral lands instead of the whole territory.

Nomadic life and tradition

The most notable feature of Hugonir is that they never stay more than a few months in one location at a time. They travel to designated areas of ancestral importance and new hunting grounds every new season. Even with their travels, they perform agriculture in a few locations where they later return to harvest and keep over the winter. Due to their lifestyle, they keep simple robes on them at all times, with much sturdier and thicker for colder periods prepared on their travelling mounts. Horses and Heffels are important for them as they carry their homes in bags. Every tribe, as they want to call themselves, have its own colour combination that they paint their animals with to know who it is in case of an animal runs away. There is also a practice of facial tattoos and painting, with intricate and meaningful patterns only known to the tribes.
The province of Huren is populated by many ruins of a forgotten past. The Hugonir avoid some of these ruins having called them cursed. Others are areas where they gather for various celebrations and reverence to these ancient and mysterious pasts.
Hugonir is the oldest known nomadic culture amongst Humans. While their sibling culture of Runorer tells tales of both having roamed the Huren areas for as long, only Hugonir were described by the Kyrians who took over the area. Comparatively also many more Runorer has changed their lifestyle away from the signature nomadic life that both cultures have.

Conflics and relations

Both the Hugonir and Runorer have over time been forced eastwards by the Orfordians ever since they took over. Orfordwhelm is well known for ignoring their subjugated peoples traditions with examples such as Willrowia and the Rowians as the worse of them. Despite having ruled the area for over 500 years, Orfordwhelm has seen little progress in turning the Hugonir to become settled and instead focused the efforts on mining the rich ores out of the ground. The Orfordians have implemented harsh laws on where the Hugonir are allowed to move to keep them away. With the added restrictions on trade and much fewer contacts from other cultures and countries, the nomads face an ever-isolated life on the eastern edge of Telamirein.

General Relations to Other Ethnicities
Leoners — Neutral
Who are you talking about? Oh, the wandering tribes in the north... Yes, I know too little to talk about them but they seem friendly, the few that I have ever met.

Orfordsmen — "Neutral" (Dismissal)
As I see it, they only bring worry. You never know what they are planning... they should just settle down and not be so... old and back seeing.

Renvars — Too little knowledge
Who? What are you talking about? (Most common answer)

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