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The Grand Historian (TBA). The Dreaded Sands.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like many of the Old Dwarves, Uzzon went through the Mechaning when they reached adulthood, transferring their soul and consciousness from the normal dwarven flesh into brass machine based bodies. They were one of the lucky few that was outside of the great cities when the outage happened. Not much is know about this outage today, but the automatons turned on the dwarves massacring them over the coarse of a single night. Uzzon was outside the cities, aboard a submarine with several other Old Dwarves and automatons, but the dwarves where able to stop them before any of the crew were killed. The next few hundred years were spent staying hidden from the world in fear that the automatons had taken over the land. Once they intercepted a sending the realized that only the dwaven empire had fallen. Emerging onto land they became big targets for they were made out of expensive materials worth thousands of gold. Loosing several members to the greed of others, the remain members split up to start new lives in a world that many would highly value even a basic understanding of technologies they knew. Uzzon spent the next few thousand years in the court of whatever kingdom happen to rule the land he was staying at. Traveling the world to secret research backed by kings into bringing back the high technologies they had lost. Until finding themselves in the Imeshuka Desert under Zilead, where the project become more open place under his greater protection and backing allowing Uzzon to make several break throughs in less then a century.

Personality Characteristics


Always viewed their origins under the Old Dwarf Empire fondly and has worked for millenniums to recover and learn the advancement made by his kind, to bring the world into a new high tech era under Old Dwarven technology like firearms, advanced vehicles, and automatons. Learning form the failures of his kin, he as search for an alternat to the mana powered tech that cause the fall of the old dwarves, which would have even less full sources in the New Pact era. This as lead him to soul powered machines, harvest living intelligence races to fuel his new age. Although against using this soul power for the long term, they are using it to power tech unorder to research a better alternative.

Wealth & Financial state

Has built a substantial wealth thought there long life, mostly keep in high value item and tech they carry with them. Estimated to total around 70k to 90k in market value. Their ventures in the Imeshuka Desert are also partly funded by Zilead and the greater Syndicate of Ichor treasury.
Current Location
Year of Birth
17847 CT 10375 Years old
Dark Lenses push slightly out of their eye socket
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2,000 lbs.


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