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The Badlands


The sands out east around the Spiraling Twin Islands in a much rockier and vertical area, than the rolling dunes that occupy most of the desert. Large red sandstone rocks dot the lands scape, creating valleys. This area may be know for its far more dangers wildlife, but it far cooler than the main part of the desert. The many rocks, caves, and canyons also provide cover from sandstorms.

Localized Phenomena

Its believed that the undead the come form the sand at night originate within this region, because their numbers are far greater and stronger variants exist with this area. Some nights armies of undead siege settlements, which is why high walled city states is the exclusive form of society in this area.


The badlands have remained unconquered in many creatures due to its harsh wildlife and strong undead presence. In 87 NP Koumapti Empire struck a deal with the major faction of the territory to call it apart of the empire and to open trade routes, but for them to stay otherwise independent governments. Since then the factions involved have take over the territory with the backing of empire gold and supplies making the place more united than it has ever been under the united rule of seven tribes. The seven tribes ruled there areas until 225 NP when Uzzon moved out under the Hallow Rats. Since then three tribes have fallen; Children of the Wolves, Bonedawn, and Might of the Lost. The remain factions are; Hallow Rats, Ironsworn, Bleakwalkers, and Sightless Brothers.
Alternative Name(s)
The Free Lands, The Undead Desert
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