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Skill Challenges


Skill Challenges

  Skill challenges can be used as an alternative way to obtain experience through the use of your skills, abilities, saves, and tool proficiencies. This feature is particularly useful for classes with less battle prowess. It can make leveling these types of characters in the solo setting much more bearable.  

Declaring and Running a Skill Challenge

  To declare a skill challenge, run the one of the following commands:
  • !skill easy
  • !skill medium fast
  • !skill medium slow
  • !skill hard fast
  • !skill hard slow
  • !skill deadly fast
  • !skill deadly slow
  Slow means more checks at a lower difficulty class (DC) and fast means fewer checks with a higher DC.   This will define how many checks you must make to overcome your challenge.   In order to successfully complete a skill challenge, you must explain what challenge your character overcame and how each of the checks you made were relevant. A sentence for each successful check is all that is required. The reviewing DM has the right to reject any skill challenges that have no attached description or include a check that doesn't further your progress in completing the challenge.   As of the announcements dated 01/27/23, Skill Challenges count as one of your requisite encounters in completing a generic quest. As a result, we have updated skill challenges to both include deadly challenges as well as loot for gathering upon completion.  

Failing a Skill Challenge

  If you fail a skill challenge, you must immediately jump into a combat encounter of a difficulty equal to the failed skill challenge. If I fail an easy skill challenge, I must fight an easy encounter. The same is true for medium, hard, and deadly.   Failed skill challenge encounters DO count towards your requiste encounters in completing a quest.  

Themed Challenges

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