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Illusionary Interface

It has a simple interface that can be used to do many things but is mainly used by people that have been effected by the Bullet. Its mainly for people that have blindness and hearing loss. The homepage can do things like show users their surroundings or have words appear and who said them. It can be designed to the users liking. Although somethings can't change like the top. Its recommended to be used in conjuction with Sensory Regeneration for maximum effect.


The top has the main things like settings, files, and information on the user.
You press a button to bring up the interface and work from there.   It has a bit of a learning curve but they can pick it up easily. Its clever and shuts off whatever you were during after a certain amount of inactivity. When its been 3 hours since no activity the device itself shuts off.  

Blindness Use

  It has a scanner and shows their surroundings including people. There are multiple modes for color blindness. It doesn’t function correctly in the dark but its a known issue and its trying to be resolved. It can be turned off accordingly.  

Hearing Loss Use

  The interface displays conversations. [Name of Person:Dialogue]. This updates in real time. When the day is over, it gets saved and can be accessed in the memory tab. It can be turned off accordingly.


Prore and Aclium are forged together. When its passed to a user, it requires blood or something else to recognize the condition.
Access & Availability
Its common
Its kinda complex to make but once you get used to it it becomes easy. It has a holographic interface that can be manipulated by the user.

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Cover image: Battlefield by TheDoctor292 in artbreeder


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