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The Pale Men have been aware of the Tapestrum Arcanum long before its so-called official discovery by the Enlightened Few. They call the magical dimension the "Dreaming" and they believe it is full of spirits, both good and bad, that seek to possess those who pass through the limen separating Nascindor from the tapestry.
  Just like formally trained magi project into the Tapestrum, the witch-doctors of the Pale Men use a similar, yet distinct method of entry called the Weaning, named so because the tribes believe that to leave this world behind, one must learn to let go of that which one has become accustomed to.


The ritual begins with the burning of several herbs with spiritual significance to the Pale Men, intended to invite the White Raven into the soul of the individual intending to cross the boundary between Nascindor and the Tapestrum so as to guide them into the Dreaming.   Once this is achieved, a trance-like state similar to the catatonic state the Voyagers are left in after the Ritual of Transference overtakes the shaman and their spirit passes into the Tapestrum.  

Within the Dreaming

Unlike mages who project into the Tapestry, who retain their physical form in their dimensional avatar, the Pale Shamans who wean themselves from the real world appear differently in the Tapestrum. They take on a skeletal, almost regal aspect clad in a regalia of dark blue feathers and elaborately decorated leather.   When questioned, some Pale Shamans themselves claim that this visage, provided by the White Raven, is meant to frighten and ward off the evil spirits that the Pale Men believe reside in the Dreaming. If this is the case, it certainly has intimidated the mages who have stumbled upon a Pale Shaman in the Tapestry.  

Reasons for Weaning

Unlike independent mages and those of the Enlightened Few, who project into the Tapestrum regularly, the Pale Men consider the Dreaming a dangerous spirit realm that should not be disturbed unless it is absolutely necessary. Such necessity could be born from a need for guidance from one's ancestors or as an initiation ritual for those who return from their wandering with a feather of the White Raven in tow and become Pale Shamans.   Shamans who wean themselves from the real world also cannot return to their bodies in the way that mages who project can, and are instead ushered back by the repelling pulses emitted by the Font of Magic. The font itself is utterly repugnant to the Pale Men, who consider it to be the metaphysical abode of the king of the Dreaming, a spirit so evil and arrogant that it seeks sole dominion over the magical realm and suffers no one else in it. Whether or not this belief is true, it is evident that the Font is central to the Tapestrum in some way.
by Midjourney
A depiction of a Pale Shaman in the Tapestrum Arcanum, based on a description given by a projecting magus.


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