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Spell Clash

What rhymes with Fitch? That's right, Bitch
  • 'Five-Eyed' the spell slinger trash talks the now-retired Spell Clash champion Fitch Fire Breather.
Spell clash is one of the national sports of Namarie that is played in primarily Kaechaek, Nephil and Felin at it's highest level and is one of the most popular games (it is the equivalent of boxing in this world).   Spell Clash is found in almost all large towns and cities and is seen as a spectacle and the pinnacle of magical entertainment, whether it is hosted in stadiums or in ramshackle spaces with only basic equipment and a far looser idea of legality and death.   The game is taken up at a professional level by hundreds of competitors as licenses are fairly easy to come by and, due to the attention to safety for those involved, any illegal rings of Spell Clash are quashed and fined heavily or even imprisoned.   Though, this has not saved the game from accusations of corruption and bribery at all sides.   Spell clash is most often played as 'bouts' between mages though there have been rumours of more organised tournaments between nations taking place.   Spell Clash Rules There are two match types, 1v1 and 3v3. 1v1’s must be full or half casters versus a similar caster. 3v3 teams must have at least 1 full caster, and any weapons must be magical to interact with the arcane shields.   Prior to the match each team may put forth 1 request for terrain features, which the arena will attempt to accommodate. Example requests include 10ft deep water across the base of the arena, replacing the sand A lowered or raised ceiling height Narrow tunnels to fight in Walls dividing the arena into X segments A building with interior/exterior space Dimmed light or darkness The arena will accommodate both requests as reasonably as possible, but contradicting requests will be rejected.   The base arena is a 80ft diameter circle. The stands begin 10 ft above the regular level, and a magical barrier extends in a cylinder up 50 additional feet. The magical barrier allows the audience to see the participants at all times, regardless of normal visual obstructions.   There are 4 tiers of skill, determined by the highest level spells that are available to the full casters in that tier. By level, the tiers are Rookie: 2nd level spells Apprentice: 3rd level spells Professional:4th level spells Master: 5th level spells Spells above 5th level are not allowed in Spell Clash.   Each participant receives an Arcane Shield worth a certain amount of HP, determined by match tier, beginning at 30 HP for tier 1, and increasing by 30hp for each tier above that.   A spellcaster may use a Bonus Action to recharge their Arcane Shield, by expending an available spell slot their shield regenerates Xd6 HP, where X is the level of the expended spell slot.   Buffs or other effects with a duration of at least 10 minutes may be cast before entering the arena. At the beginning of each match, all participants are given 1 round to prepare for combat during which no hostile actions are allowed, you can however Ready an action to trigger on the second round.
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