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Dream Trinkets

Ay, none in Kaechaek can ever rest easy without their trinket. It's the big piece of advice I'd give ya, have a dream trinket and make it good!
  • Platinum Herald Teixera gives advice to journalists visiting Zirchonia in Kaechaek.
  Dream trinkets are a concept People in Kaechaek have that allows them to determine whether or not they have been caught in the dreaming and nightmarish traps of The Quori or The Nocta Mori or even The Unwaking Coven and their new strange ritual magics.    Dream trinkets are not grounded in magic but rather in practicality and no small measure of superstition, dreaming is grounded in a mixture of the machinations of the one spawning the dream but, truly, it is grounded and makes use in the imagination and memory of the dreamer. As a result, dreams are always a little hazed where they do not pick up on close details or moments of significance. This usually comes about in two clear-cut ways:
  • Natives of other lands will see Kaechaek's moon in their dreams as their minds naturally believe it SHOULD be in the sky. 
  • Individuals will carry a 'dream trinket' an object of deep importance to the holder that is deeply complex or detailed in some way. 
Dream trinkets vary user to user as it is down to personal preference but the key is to have an object of unique complexity so, if you are dreaming, you will recognise the object is plain or details are incorrect. Showing you are in a state of dreaming.
Metaphysical, Astral

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