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Court of the Sanctified Chain

The Court of the Sanctified Chain is a sprawling necropolis below Chizhou, the capital of Xeblisau. It contains many millions of remains across its ossuaries, where the bones of the deceased are prepared and displayed.   Records indicate that it was first constructed in 3503 EC, and was named after an artifact of Xebli mythology, the Chain of Geng Yijun.

Purpose / Function

The necropolis serves both functional and cultural value, as a place to house the deceased regardless of wealth and a place to contemplate and honor ancestors. Most areas of the necropolis are open to the public, but some tunnels have been sealed or barred to prevent damage to the tomb, or grave robbing.


The tunnels of the necropolis sprawl multiple levels, and miles of branching tunnels. The structures are largely rough hewn clay or stone, with supports made of brick and mortar. Some tunnels have lost some structural integrity and are dangerous to enter.   Skulls and bones are displayed freely throughout the necropolis, and there are few rules for display other than that bodies must be prepared properly first.

Alternative Names
Necropolis of Chizhou

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