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Royal Karieban Federation

The Royal Karieban Federation, once known in it's inception as the Royal Karieban Federation, is a Federalized Aristocratic state run by the most powerful houses of Karieba in the Diet, formally known as the Sejm (shem), with representatives from all the territories and member states who vote on motions and the direction taken by the Federal Government and serves as the country's legislature. Deputies of the Sejm are elected from and by fellow nobles, knighted individuals, and other landed affluent individuals like members of particular courts.
  The Marszałek Sejmu (the Speaker of the Sejm) who is the Head of Government and State. The Marszałek Sejmu is elected by the Sejm through two-thirds vote.

Marszałek Sejmu

Kinga Velyvyte z Stalowy Duch
Powers: Controls the direction of the Sejm and handles disputes coming from other members of the Sejm, they may silence specific members of the Sejm by their own discretion.

The Sejm

The Sejm is divided into two houses, with the Senat Królewski being the higher legislative house that has two deputies for each government of the Federation, known as Royal Deputies, totaling 80 in number. The lower house of the Sejm is known as the Wspólna Rada, or simply the Rada, which has deputies in proportion to the number of nobles in different states and voivodeships, with a maximum of 227 deputies. Parties are formed through coalitions with other deputies, and a party can only be formed in the Senat Królewski with at least 10% of the Royal Deputies forming one. Wspólna Rada deputies may choose from the parties formed in the Senat or choose to be non-attached, although it's not required to follow the parties in the Senat they are just simply the only ones relevant to the nobles elected.
Party SK Seats WR Seats Description
Dla Ateitis (For the Future) 39 86 For the Future is a Right Wing party whose policy advocates the strict following of the traditional Karieban class systems for the various cultures native to Karieba and the maintaining of the elite status of the nobility. Naturally they oppose social reforms that they perceive as offensive or threatening to their status. They also advocate for their foreign policy to benefit aristocrats abroad like in Ulloren. Some members of this party are also openly far-right absolutist and imperialist, believing that now is the time for Karieba to use it's abundant natural resources be in charge of the world.
Dla Ziemi (For the Land) 17 79 For the Land is a Center-Right party who mainly advocate for the reform of the village economy to a more robust industrial economic system with the ultimate goal of not being overly dependent on industrial imports, and to generate a lot more productivity on exports. It's primarily self serving, as they would naturally be enterprises owned by the nobility. As a result Dla Ziemi has been instrumental in modernization efforts, with many of its Deputies owning their own companies and having stakes in large national companies. Within the debate of universal suffrage, about half Dla Ziemi deputies support it as pressure from the The Arediāni Republic has been decently effective on the centrist within the party while about the other half are not nearly as enthusiastic.
Dla Ludzi (For the People) 9 45 For the People is a very curious case of a coalition of Center-Left Aristocrats who have internalized Prezian cultural standards differently than their right wing counterparts, and believe that leaders have a duty to serve their people and uplift them in order to maintain their right to rule. All of them believe that democratic rule is a natural step to achieve their goal of establishing a properly modern state, where quality of life for the average citizen can be something to take pride in.
Szałwia (Sages) 15 29 Szałwia are a collection of Deputies, a decent amount of whom are ancient elves, who don't belong to any coalitions, where different individual deputies may flip flop on what type of policies they vote for. It's typically through the Szałwia that Dla Ludzi get legislation off the ground, but also without their support nothing can happen for either Dla Ziemi or Dla Ludzi Deputies.

Dwór Królewski (The Royal Court)

The Royal Court is made up of 7 Judges who are chosen by the Sejm who serve for life, usually chosen from experienced judges of lower courts but there is no legislation saying they must meet specific requirements. Many times in important cases, the Sejm would involve itself in the proceedings.
Formal Name
Królewska Federacja Kariebańska   Form of Government
Parliamentary Aristocracy   Capital
Stalowy Duch   Location
Terota   Approximate Population
55,000,000   Type
Geopolitical, Federation
Founding Date
2183 ISC
Alternative Names
RKF and the Federation


Currently the Aredián Republic and the IKF make strange bed fellows, both are able to contribute to each others needs with trade with the IFK trading food products to the Republic for their commodities. The military alliance formed between them for the 3rd Junta War also proved beneficial in countering mutual enemies, however one can only speculate how long this will last as the Top Down structure of the IKF makes it unpopular with citizens in the Republic. Currently relations are at a crossroads and only the future can tell what will be brought.


Although the governments and world views would mostly not gel with the people of Eslaiqeza and the IKF, trade would likely flow back and forth from them, and ambassadors from the IFK would ingratiate themselves with their fellow nobility even if the popular opinion may be negative.


Both governments having similar world views and goals make good relations possible, religiously they are also similar and can break the ice easier. However, the civil war being a touchy subject especially with the Republic would have a more neutral stance but would at least hash out an economic agreement of some sort.


The typical stance of the Tas Ethuk government on expansion of influence, especially with violence, from other governments gives the Imperator of the IKF an awkward environment to maneuver around. At the moment relations would be neutral, however the likelihood of relations becoming more hostile are high due to the Imperial ambitions. The Lords of Kor and other Merchant Lords of Tas Ethuk would likely be more supportive of this Empire however and it's structure.


The current relationship is a little surprising given the activities of the Cartels, however the IKF enjoy many of the products sold by them and much of the Aristocracy likely enjoys their less than legal services and products.