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Facundo "Kaboom" Zorita Costa

Kaboom joined the party, Boom City, in the scrap town of New Hoinito after leaving the Goyo's and is one of it's original members before the name was even conceived at that point. Like the rest of the members of Boom City, Kaboom was interested in the enigmatic radio host the Future Stranger so as to be able to find his mentor. That and having a lot of commonalities among a collection of rejects and exiles, he was naturally able to integrate himself with the group despite bad habits picked up in Puerto Esperanza and riding with the Goyo's. The water baron of New Hoinito would eventually exile the group itself, after a disaster ensued in an underground storage facility that the group and Kaboom were somewhat involved in when investigating the presence of the cult run by a pre-war supernatural terrorist self dubbed as Santo dels Il·lustrats, better known by their Arenian name, Santo de Demèncio. Although the group was not involved in the crime, many in the small town suspected them because of their presence in the scene and no concrete evidence they weren't involved, leading to their exile. Which served more as an excuse to commit the petty crimes that Kaboom was planning to do anyway, and track down the Future Stranger more aggressively.
  Consequently, this led to being dragged into the Liberation of Rio Avan set up by a coalition between the Arediān Republic and the Royal Karieban Federation to knock the CMP Junta out of the region. One of four post-war military dictatorships of the Juntas of Talarenian Peninsula. After succeeding at killing General Olaru who was the military governor of Rio Avan, the group gained status, fame, and property for Kaboom to finally make a workshop out of. However, he would not settle down for too long and continued to tack down the radio host with Boom City.    

Physical Description

  Kaboom is an Arenian Kenku male, where his build was unfortunately sculpted by the powers of malnutrition from a childhood of neglect and apathy from a society that struggles to keep itself together. Many people who see Kaboom would describe him as frail, and skinny to the point where he looks like he's almost starving. His feathers are a stark black, and his right foot has a nasty scar that circles around his avian ankle from a point in time where he had it shot off during the Liberation of Rio Avan but was barely able to get it back on in time. Where his petite build thankfully benefited him this time, making it an easier operation and easier to preserve. He wears a dusty beige cowboy hat that is just a bit too big, that is foxing due to age around the brim and a duster that is a size too big for them so it's bottom drags on the floor and the sleeves are rolled up so as to utilize his hands, grey jeans torn at the knees to be more comfortable for his feet, a solid colored beige bandanna, and finally fingerless gloves to work as a mechanic and keep his fingers free for a fight.
  Kaboom learned a lot of tricks about machinery and mechanics in Puerto Esperanza, among other more clandestine skills, and has only expanded on that knowledge running with the Goyo's and his mentor. He has the skills and magic of an Artillerist Artificer, and Arcane Trickster Rouge. Currently, he wears a default black M-12L Breastplate with the Boom City insignia painted on the front section of the plate, the insignia being an orange and red mushroom cloud flexing humanoid arms at it's side. He also carries a backpack with a Bag of Holding tied to it, the bag of holding being a relatively small and unassuming sack that Kaboom has given an infusion to. For weaponry, he's relatively lightly armed compared to his comrades but is still dangerous in a fight despite that. Armed with a M-2L Pistol and a recently acquired M-4MP Submachine gun meant for vehicle and engineering teams that is ominously in much better shape than most weapons he's come across, along with a number of knives he keeps just in case.


  Kaboom was born an orphan in the corporate run mega-city of Puerto Esperanza, where he would hop from orphanage to orphanage, district to district despite the shelter and food they were able to offer them. The orphanages were often crowded as they weren't just for orphans but also child shelters for parents who had no home in the first place to set their children in due to the cities rampant homelessness, as they were far safer than the streets or hastily raised shacks. Which only got worse after the occupation and subsequent Battle of Puerto Esperanza in 2414. The quality of these shelters varied from place to place, but generally had amenities and services appropriate for their purpose of sheltering children. Kaboom naturally didn't make any friends during this time, displeased with the quality of rations and never really feeling like he belonged, especially after failed attempts in being adopted. Even the 21 gang wouldn't recruit him into the organization due to his hyperactivity and being mute, caused by the fact that no one was able to teach him due to his constant moving around of shelters.
  Eventually when Kaboom became a teenager, he gave up on the shelters for good and started to live in his own shack in an alley adjacent to Sur Street and Laguna Street where, for a time, Kaboom was able to establish okay accommodations for himself by learning very quickly how to manipulate Puerto Esperanza's infrastructure to work for him. He would learn the basics of plumbing to divert water from the adjacent apartment building, electric engineering by rigging power from the blocks transformer, and so on. He also often stole from food vendors, and restaurants, pickpocket passer byers for extra cash and even emptied out a vending machine once in another district.
  Eventually he would run into his mentor in this manner, the accomplished mercenary Nico Gallo, trying to pickpocket some of his loose cash from his money belt where unbeknownst to Kaboom, Nico let it happen. Kaboom was able to snag about 100 Credits, which is the biggest single theft he's pulled so far but before being able to use any of it, Nico was able to follow him and track him down to his shack. Kaboom thought he was going to be pink mist, but after a moment of quite Nico could only be impressed at his resourcefulness and had no intention of retribution, in fact after a long talk, Nico eventually offered Kaboom what amounted to an apprenticeship and that he was going to go back out to the Arenian wasteland for more work. To Kaboom the choice was easy, as some of his shack neighbors were conspiracy theorists who thought he was a part of the Ministry of Peace and spying on them, so there weren't exactly friends to say goodbye to, and was an opportunity to graduate from a clever slum mechanic to something more.
    For about two years, Kaboom would follow Nico Gallo around Northern Arenia doing all sorts of odd jobs from finding lost property to fighting mutants and megafauna, similar to how a squire would follow a knight in romantic versions of knights in Prezian history and poetry. During this time, Kaboom learned how to use a variety of weapons and expanded on his existing skill sets with tools and observations. Eventually though, this too wouldn't last as Nico Gallo would go missing after an intense fight with a Torturador or a "Mauler" when waiting to cross the Vallda river in the ruins of Rocador. The Mauler, being an extremely strong creature, with an exoskeleton seemingly made of shiny white/beige colored steel and a maw from hell, destroyed the barge that would take them south of the river and Nico had to hold it off so Kaboom could run. After waiting for days for Nico to come back, Kaboom would sneak back to Rocador to see no sign of him but blood splatters.

Adulthood & Present Day

  Dejected and depressed, Kaboom began long walk back up north, eventually ending up in the Hoinito region due to the CMP closing their borders with Puerto Esperanza. With no where familiar to go, Kaboom decided to rent out his skills to the Goyo's, a nomad clan who liked to raid settlements and rob caravans with explosives because at the very least, they were fighting the CMP. His arrangements with them felt strictly like business rather than being a part of the clan, he was allowed to take part in raids against the Blood Vipers and CMP, but because he was an outsider with not much charm other than the fact he was a skilled craftsman, he was often be childishly picked on for being frail and weak physically. Eventually, Kaboom would just leave quietly one night, royally pissing off the leader, El Goyo, because he stole a box of valuable frag grenades. Kaboom would quietly spend his time in New Hoinito, and the bar Ultima Bebida, waiting for the CMP to open their borders or get pushed out and would latch onto the prophetic insights of the Future Stranger.
  This interest would be the catalyst of him meeting Boom City, integrating well with the group of exiles and rejects. After being exiled from New Hoinito, Kaboom has been able to use talents to the fullest for the group, creating weapons from scrap and interfacing well with equipment most of the others would have no idea how to use. He would also try and find opportunities to reappropriate other peoples goods, making sure New Hoinito was short two camels, a wagon and a radio before following through with their exile. That same day, Kaboom and many of the other party members would be nearly killed by a Cartel Debt Collector for a completely unrelated theft of stealing drugs from a hidden stash in the Hoinito ruins, marking the journey off with a solid start. When the group would eventually get to the Hoinito/Avan Radio Station, that has been used as a relay for Future Strangers show and Puerto Esperanza music, Kaboom would also use the chance to steal an album from the person maintaining the station, Marco Pliego, after clearing it of cultists working for Santo de Demèncio. This would also be the same instance they would meet and bring in Hotru , and also be offered an opportunity to do another relay station a favor in the city of Rio Avan.
  During the Siege of Rio Avan, Boom City infiltrated the settlement and laid low until the timing was right to strike to make sure the CMP had the hardest time keeping the city away from the Republic and Federation coalition. They were successful in keeping the Avan rail bridge up, in a short fight with it's defenders who planned to destroy it where Kaboom got his foot shot off and almost lost it for good. Though it only got harder, as they then went to kill General Olaru so that she couldn't simply escape to plan a counter attack. The fight was a harrowing one, with most members of Boom City including Kaboom unable to fight when the dust settled, and losing their Valian comrade Constantine from a neck injury and bleed out from a gunshot wound.
  With fame and a small fortune collected from the Generals collection of gold plated bathroom appliances, Kaboom wasted no time in setting up a workshop in the garage of Boom City's new house gifted to them by the future Primer (Head of Government) of Rio Avan. Buying an electric furnace and a variety of machine tools to refurbish and create weapons to enhance the group's arsenal. As they started to settle in, holdouts in Rio Avan's chemical plant seemed to use a chemical weapon that coalition forces weren't aware of and Boom City was asked to intervene. Inside, it was revealed that the holdouts were used in an experiment by cultists working under Santo de Demèncio testing a mind altering gas whose properties were, and still aren't, understood. It was in traversing and clearing the rest of the chemical plant, that Kaboom would nearly die to an explosion he set off trying to defuse a trap that covered him in acid, barely saved by Hotru and thrown into a decontamination shower. Though with no lasting injuries, Kaboom was affected by the experience and will feel the need to stress eat in contrast to him previously rationing his food consumption for efficiency.
  Currently, Kaboom is searching for the Future Stranger, very close to finding him within the ruins of Conión to get the answers that this group of small time heroes, rejects and exiles have been seeking.
Chaotic Boom   Current Location
Rio Avan   Species
Kenku   Ethnicity
Arenian   Age
17   Date of Birth
03/20/2402   Circumstances of Birth
Orphaned, specific circumstances unavailable to records. Legal name provided by the Shelter of San Tamayo.   Birthplace
Puerto Esperanza   Current Residence
Rio Avan, Provincia de Avan   Sex
Male   Gender
Male   Presentation
Masculine   Eyes
Oval shape, black pupils with orange iris.   Feathers
Black   Height
4'0"   Weight
115lbs.   Quotes & Catchphrases
Sounds of a grenade Exploding & Sounds of various gun shots.   Known Languages
Fluent in Arenian and Rilumic, competent in Apian.   Character Prototype
Based off of an old western cartoon character who would make a bunch of cartoon noises and be armed with a hilarious amount of explosives.