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The Juntas of Talarena

In out of character real world context, the word junta (hoon·tuh) has Spanish and Portuguese origins from the early 17th century which is a term used to classify a military or political group that rules a country after taking over from the previous government. If the military has seized control then it is called a military junta. In the context of Terota, junta has a few connotations that make it different from the real world equivalent. Early in the realms history it was often used to describe large and well organized groups of bandits that were formed after the dissolution of the Apian Empire, where sometimes these bands would even take control of fiefs in Charstanian and Arenian lands from their original leadership. In the modern context, the old adage referring to Prussia put it best, "Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country." The Junta's that have civilian leadership are always figureheads, with the political shot callers being the military regime that occupied them as the Imperial Military was so powerful by the time the bombs dropped, that the life time of local governments who may have arisen from the ashes of war ended before they could even begin.
  In Modern Terota, the military dictatorships that sprang up post-war are almost universally referred to as juntas, with the exception of referring themselves as such, in the same vein of the juntas that existed long ago. There are four Juntas in total, not including the Regent, that are different flavors of oppressive military dictatorship run by former high ranking military officers of the Arenian Imperial Military. They all share one ultimate ambition, to become the next Primer of the Empire and constantly fight each other and their foreign rivals for legitimacy and dominance in their bids of reunification. The four Junta's being formally declared as, the Supreme Council of Koro, Military Committee of Kohzri, Admiralty of Guardia, and the Revolutionary Council of Turra.

The Supreme Council of Koro (CSC)

  The haughtily named Supreme Council of Colijas is a council made up of Arenian and Apian officers who have served in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Combined Armies nicknamed the "Halcón Escamado" or "Scaled Hawks" who served with Dragons in battles in the 4th Alianza War and the Great War. They control the cities of San Volada, San Jose, Albi, and their functional capital Ciudad de Koro. They conduct governance similar to the Arenian Empire, with a Primer and a Supereme Council which decides on a Primer. However, members of the Supreme Council are not so much chosen but determined by military merit, where officers lay claim to a lifetime seat by touting their military achievements which is often a chaotic process sometimes accompanied by violence or are ascended by being a chosen successor by their predecessor.


General Jario de Colijas  

Supreme Council

10 Members  

The Military Committee of Kohzri (CMP)

The Military Committee of Kohzri is a small council of Apian and Charstanian military officers that claim to be the rightful authority of the Apian provinces and are made of the 3rd and 4th Sierra Armies nicknamed the "Scuts" who were tasked with defending the Talarenaian mainland from invasion. They control the cities of Rio Avan, Razvi and their functional capital Kohzri. They have a more Apian style of dictatorship where the committee throws in with a lifelong leader as head of state formally called the Commandant and the committee ironically has no say in governance and simply act as they do. Although the historically and culturally important Khozra clan would have some influence into the handling of the CMP, they have been carefully corralled by General Călător for the past two centuries to stay docile.  


General Nandru Călător  


7 members  

Admiralty of Guardia (RA)

  The Regime of the Admirals is a junta that use to control the 3rd and 4th Royal Home Fleets and the 1st and 2nd Defense Fleets and it's leadership is made up of Charstanian Naval officers who overthrew the local government of the Guardia del Riu province. They control Porto Fusta, Pendepa, and their capital Guardia. Their power however has waned since the 3rd Junta War, where their fleets were sunk by a larger and more organized Republic Navy and have been stuck in port ever since. The Admirals decide upon a Grand Admiral through a process of debate and cloak and dagger politics.    

Grand Admiral

Orió Carrillo  

Revolutionary Council of Turra (CRT)

  The Revolutionary Council of Turra is an odd phenomenon of a junta overthrowing a junta. The CRT replaced the Patriotic Defense Council (CDP) after a coup during the 3rd Junta War taking advantage of the military failures of the CDP, forcing the CDP to go underground. Their members are from the 1st Sierra Army, the 5th Combined Army, and the 2nd Royal Home Fleet. They control the cities of Proci, Creasada, Guria, and their capital Porto Turra. The CRT is made up of a larger council that actually hold civilian leadership but still holds a general as their Primer who is voted in by the Council and are alleged to have ambitions to become a democracy and are attempting to reach out to the Union as "old allies of The Peligrosa" but is still a topic of heavy debate whether anything they say is genuine in the Aredián Republic. Especially since the transition to democracy is allegedly "incomplete".  


General Namiro Caldes


45 Members
Form of Government
Military Dictatorship   Location
Terota   Approximate Population of the CSC
4,250,000   Approximate Population of the CMP
2,500,000   Approximate Population of the Admiralty of Guardia
3,825,000   Approximate Population of the CRT
Geopolitical, Stratocracy