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Valk Strunmah

Once known as the Viing Iiz, or the Wing Ice Clan, the Valk Stunmah have fought to keep their clan alive. When their home was destroyed and they were driven out of Kruziik Dovgol, they migrated towards the tall spires of ice they could see jutting proudly out into the sky. It was quite the distance they were forced to travel, but they didn't let that sway them. They eventually found themselves on the outer shores of the Silverspire Mountains where they made their home far from their Warring homeland.   Far from the watchful, hated, eyes of the Red Queen, they seek to rebuild their clan back into it's former glory. Hoping that one day they might be able to set things right back in their homeland and oust the Queen from her blood stained throne. Only then will the clans be able to unite and drive back the orcs and reclaim their homeland.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Paazodosley, Hezfo,Vuodlokraan,Diinaan zahreik

Masculine names

Vahrskven, Fotuz, Krahfiitdostrun

Unisex names

Felniirven, Sizaanlokluv, Ovviing

Family names

Iizpaagol, Strun Mirodah, Fo Troz, Volgbod


Shared customary codes and values

Dragonborn are all equal, no one is naturally more deserving than another. All dragonborn have a right to home and kin, no dragonborn should ever be cast out from the clan no matter the crime.

Common Dress code

Because of the cold climates they choose to settle in and make their homes they tend to wear more heavy clothing than most dragonborn. Often decorating their attire with soft furs and colorful feathers.

Coming of Age Rites

Daav gor, the Wyvern trials. Although they are far from home and with no access to the Deinqeth they still hold some traditions dear. One such tradition is the Daav gor, while they cannot use the traditional wyverns to test their youth they have found a suitable substitute in the creature they have dubbed the Fonaat Daav, or Icebat wyvern.

Their relationship with the Drem Revth is tentative at best, but it is far better than their ties to any other clan.
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species

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