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Sosgolz (Blood Crystal)

Atar is the guiding deity adressed when healing since he is the god of light and life. Blood stones are used to counter illness. The stone is crushed and added to medicine to burn the taint directly from the blood.

Manufacturing process

A single crystal mined from a magic pool is placed in a small bowl, then a healthy dragonborn drips blood onto it's surface until the gem is completely coated. The gem is set to dry in the scented smoke of cleansing incense.



Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related Condition
Created only when needed, and only by those with the divine grace needed to cleanse it.
Raw materials & Components
magecrystal, blood, insence

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1 Aug, 2018 01:04

i don't often see stones/minerals being created with medicinal purposes, that's really neat!