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Kruziik Dovgol

The Kruziik Dovgol is a very small section of Atone and is located far to the south and east. This region is split into many different territories belonging to both the dragonborn clans and their long-time enemy the orcs. War is not a foreign concept to anyone living this far south and battles can evolve at any point in time.


The lush plume valley located in the center of Kruziik Dovgol is surrounded by the impossibly tall bloody cliffs that make up the majority of the region. These cliffs make visiting these lands very difficult and dangerous.

Flora & Fauna

The most notable creature found in these lands would be the Dragons, which make their homes in deep caves carved out of the cliffs. The ocean bordering along the cliff edges are full of dragon turtles and are very tricky to navigate.

Natural Resources

Bloodstone is a type of rock only found in the cliffs surrounding Kruziik Dovgol. It's name is derived from the red liquid that bleeds off the ore and stains the rocks and gems around it a deep blood red. It is notoriously difficult to mine and is far too delicate to be used in weaponry. Adamentine. The only known mine for adamentine is located somewhere in Kruziik Dovgol, although the exact location is a fiercely guarded secret.


  • Map of Kruziik Dovgol

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