Attica Yoeman


Attica is an outwardly strong woman who projects herself as a competent soldier. She is self-conscious of herself when she needs to make decisions, and will second guess anything she is given time to contemplate. She is smart and can make good quick decisions in the heat of the moment if she isn’t given time to think. She’s at her best when she’s acting on a split-second decision, rather than working off of a plan she has set down.  


Cunning in the moment, Scattered in the long run  


Attica grew up on a ranch in west Texas with her mother Delilah, father Jeremiah, and two younger brothers Atticus and Alvin. She spent most of her early days working as a farm hand on the ranch with her brothers. They were generally prosperous, able to keep food on the table. She still keeps in touch with her family, when she remembers to send them letters. She doesn’t like to send telegrams, the nearest one to the ranch is still a day out by horse.  


Attica used to be an officer within the US Army Dragoons, the cavalry before the US Army had a dedicated Calvary division. Day to day that meant that she was living out of a fort most of the time, ranging across the Southwest, and fighting native tribes in the US’s conquest of the west. She was as much a crack shot with a rifle from horseback as she was on foot, which had gotten her promoted. If only she could have stayed in the rank and file. Her duties as an officer were too much for her though. She had a nervous breakdown and was discharged from her position. Since then, Attica has been looking for some real adventure before she heads back to the ranch. Her sergeant had talked about her hometown with dread, fearing the monsters that lurked outside. But the monsters these natives commanded were the ones that got her killed.  


Attica is a Roman Catholic, passed down from her ancestors who emigrated to New York. Her mother and father taught her the traditions passed down to them, even though they didn’t want to stay in the city with Jeremiah's . She practiced her religion regularly while she was in the army, since she had regular access to a chaplain, but now she’s fallen out of her regularity. Attica has seen some weird enough stuff in this world, she knows there’s life after death, and she is just hoping that hers can be restful. Attica knows there are monsters in this world, and will believe anything she hears if she thinks it sounds too ridiculous to be true. The ones that sound reasonable are the fakes.    


  • Discovery/Adventure - To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer: Attica wants to see more of the world before she settles down for the rest of her life back on the ranch. She figures she can check out her Sergeant's stories of Munson and then find other places like there, if they exist.
  • Achievement - To overcome obstacles and succeed; to become the best: Attica wants to succeed, its just that whenever she tries to make plans, she always nitpicks them. She overthinks things if she's given enough time to mull something over, and much prefers to act in the moment. She often ends up doing stupid things by acting impulsively, but in her mind it's better than sitting around and thinking about doing things.


  • Accomplishment most proud of: Attica is most proud of the day she first picked up her rifle. Back in her early days of the military, those were her golden days. She could be her best, just following orders, and being damn good at it. She got a thrill whenever she took a difficult shot, just her and her target, the rest of the world and the thinking fuzzing away into the background.
  • Most ashamed about: Attica is most ashamed that she tried her best and failed at her new position as an officer. If she could go back, she would have tried to decline the role, or suggest someone else for it.
  • Fears more than anything: Attica is most afraid of letting down the people who depend on her again. She can’t feel like the weak link in the chain again. It would probably break her.
  • Secrets kept: She tries to keep the reason for her discharge a secret. She doesn’t want people to feel that she will fail them when they need her.
  • Last time they wept: She last wept a month ago when she was writing a letter to her parents about her mental break and how she was going to Munson to decompress and get some adventure in before returning home.


  • Friends: Attica has plenty of friends, back home in Texas. They’d describe her as a frazzled, but confident woman who’s not afraid to take chances or pull through a dare.
  • Romance: Attica has had 5 boyfriends through her life back in Texas, but is not currently in a relationship.
  • Role Model: Attica would most look up to Col. Custer as someone who had the honor to die in battle, in his attack on Little Big Horn in 1876. She only knew of him through the media portrayal of his defeat, and has kind of likened her mental defeat to his actual defeat.


Attica’s Sunstone is a small charm with a zia sun on it she took from the native who commanded the monster which had killed her sergeant. She thinks it might have been some sort of focus for the sorcerer and wears it for good luck.  


When Attica was promoted, she got to choose who would be her left-hand commander. She chose her best friend and fellow calvarywoman Jesse Smith. Jesse was from Munson, and she often told stories of the monsters she had heard about and seen around the town. She equated them to the monsters the natives controlled out here in the west, though from Jesse’s understanding, nobody in her town had any clue how to control the creatures that stalked the night.  


Attica has her Army special issue Bolt Action Carbine. Its wooden stock has been carved and crudely varnished by Attica, who takes to whittling at it in her spare time. This is the second stock she has had on this rifle, the first one having been damaged in combat by a native-allied Vasaen. She also carries a brass compass and a Map Book. The book has some maps with battlefields Attica served on, with markings for where her unit was stationed, and where allied and enemy troops were positioned through battles. She’s also recently purchased some maps of Munson and the surrounding area to be used in her adventures around the town.


Attica Yoeman

Fast friends

Towards Mamie Briggs


Mamie Briggs

Fast friends

Towards Attica Yoeman



Mamie and I hit it off like fast friends, trading stories of our travels across the country. Though we're strangers, we bonded over our extensive travels.

Attica Yoeman


Towards Seamus O'Malley


Seamus O'Malley

Friendly target

Towards Attica Yoeman



Seamus seems to have an amusing predisposition of trying to disprove the existence of the monsters. I've heard a thing or two about his mysteries in the papers, and having the chance to tell him a thing or two felt wonderful. I didn't change his mind, but I had a good time trying.

Attica Yoeman

Slighted customer

Towards Estelle Lawrence


Estelle Lawrence


Towards Attica Yoeman



I think we just got off on the wrong foot. She was not having any of my small talk, keeping quiet as she rung up my snacks. She was cold and unreceptive, and I think that unsettled me. I could feel her judging me, and it made me feel like I was back in command, with superiors looking for reports and paperwork. I left quickly back for the hotel.


Physique: 2
Precision: 5
Logic: 4
Empathy: 4


Agility (+ PHY): 0 + 2
Close combat (+ PHY): 0 + 2
Force (+ PHY): 0 + 2
Medicine (+ PRE): 1 + 5
Ranged combat (+ PRE): 3* + 5
Stealth (+ PRE): 0 + 5
Investigation (+ LOG): 1 + 4
Learning (+ LOG): 0 + 4
Vigilance (+ LOG): 1 + 4
Inspiration (+ EMP): 1 + 4
Manipulation (+ EMP): 0 + 4
Observation (+ EMP): 1 + 4


Eagle Eye
Sixth Sense



Resources: Middle-class
Memento: Sunstone (cut mineral)
Advantage: My dead war buddy told me about her home town, and now I'm going to see if the stories she told are true.


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