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Parevia is a star twelve light years distant from Mudewei itself and positioned such in the northern sky that it is one of the few stars to rise and set regularly, from the perspective of northern species like The Stenza. As such, the Stenza deified the star, in the form of Parevia, and tracked its movements.   Parevia (the star) forms one of the bases of the Stenza calendar. A day is defined by the twenty-eight-hour cycle between when Parevia rises, and when it is seen to rise again. (The other foundation of the calendar is seasonal, which is in part very nebulously defined, but anchored on the rising and setting of two other key stars, the suns.) No matter where they go, Stenza keep time by this method even in the age of space travel and the discovery of planets who do not experience long, night-like winters (such as Earth). In modern times, a "Parevia day" or "Parevia time" is the imperial standard, and is used for all but active military operations in war time (where the use of the local environment better serves the needs of the army).   Parevia deified is thought to possess a strict personality which she enforces on her surroundings. The most common tale of this involves an asteroid. The asteroid which struck Mudewei is believed to have actually existed, forming the crater lake which allowed a non-Newtonian fluid to bubble up to the surface, eventually paving the way for Stenza evolution. However, legends surrounding the space rock indicate that Parevia herself carved it into pieces, as its impact had disrupted her plans for Mudewei's various cycles. She was then forced to revise those plans, and by then fellow deity Lan'tha had already hatched a number of ideas concerning the new liquid forming on the planetary surface because of the impact. (Stenza scientists have since found that several asteroids in the nearby asteroid belt contain material from Mudewei itself. The tale is currently seen as a romanticized or mythologized version of actual events.)
Alternative Name(s)
The Divider of Time
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