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Mickey's is the current iteration of a building which has been standing in Esterholt, Ohio since the 1970s. It was originally built as an elementary school, which was abandoned when building codes changed in favor of a new, updated location (which has also since changed), and now it serves as a delicatessen. Initially owned by Mickey Hillenkoeter (no relation to the Rear Admiral), hence the name, the deli has changed hands twice before finally landing into the ownership of Gus and Wilhelmina Vandenberg.   There are rumors that during its time as an elementary school, a grisly death or other horrible trauma occurred, causing at least part of Mickey's to be haunted. Many employees, most recently Alyssa Kavanaugh, claim to have heard footsteps, knocking sounds, moaning, whistling, etc. or have witnessed things falling spontaneously off shelves where they really should not have. The most colorful account is from someone who quit right afterward, who claimed that she had seen a figure in the men's room mirror while cleaning the restroom for the night, and that the figure had tracked her through any and all reflective surfaces while she cleaned. She refused to return to Mickey's for her next shift.

Purpose / Function

Originally the building was intended as an elementary school for roughly forty students, but as the town's population grew and building codes changed, a new school was designed and the old one purchased by Hillenkoeter (again, not the Rear Admiral--he gets a lot of questions from curious and confused UFOlogists). Hillenkoeter converted it into a delicatessen, adding an up-to-code kitchen using family wealth from their farm, and opening up for business a year later following other extensive remodeling. It is now a widely-known local eatery whose sandwiches are commonly boasted about to locals and tourists alike.


Following the closing of the elementary school, Mickey added a full kitchen where the "cafeteria" of sorts used to be, and he had walls knocked out, shelves installed, and bathrooms remodeled and updated. The conversion process took about a year, and over time the kitchen, bathrooms, and stock were updated to keep up with code changes and market trends.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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