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The Sunrise Theater

The Sunrise Theater was the only movie theater in Esterholt, Ohio from the time of its construction in 1923 until it was closed down in 1977 (briefly replaced by a drive-in theater). Recently there have been a group of Esterholt citizens raising money to reopen the theater and restore it to its classical state. 
Any theater anywhere can give you a modern movie-going experience, but we are trying to provide something special.
— Emily Esterholt, Resident
The group, calling their efforts the Sunrise Theater Project, have at the time of Ta'zhen's return to Esterholt raised $14,600 approximately.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the building is to provide humans with entertainment, in the form of sitting in a darkened room and observing a reel of images projected onto a large screen, with accompanying audio. The original theater was built with an orchestra pit (that has in more modern times hosted the local high school's band), and there are talks about having local enthusiasts for classical instruments play in the pit the original scores of silent films, for that authentic 1920s-1940s movie-going experience.
Theatre / Concert hall
Parent Location


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