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Jokol of Rokol

The boogeyman of criminals, the grand plotter. Jokol of Rokol is feared by most criminals and law enforcement alike. I have accumulated as much information about Jokol and what he is supposed to be, and put it all together in a, reasonably, coherent piece. But beware, not much is known about Jokol, and what is known usually contradicts something else. So my information might not be totally correct, and I don't have the time to travel all the way too Querenth again to investigate him.    

What we know

Jokol of Rokol is an urban myth that originated a decade or so ago in Querenth. He is supposed to be a criminal mastermind, who controls a lot of the Querenthi underworld without anyone knowing about it. He supposedly employs a variety of mob bosses, although almost all of the bosses I contacted denied any correlation between them and Jokol. None of them denied his existence though. In fact, I still haven't found anyone who dares to deny his existence. His appearances vary. Some say he has brown hair, some say he is a Stellian. Others think he is a Jilsker.  

My theory

Now I, the good archivist that I am, have puzzled together a theory on who Jokol is. His name Jokol of Rokol probably stems from the town of Rokol in southern Stellios. This could mean jack shit though since he could simply be lying about where he is from. But what I think is that he is a criminal mastermind, who has a few agents he trusts most. These agents do all the physical work. They interact with criminals and hire them on the side. I think Jokol has a large network of criminals, all working for him without them even knowing it.

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