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Free city trading license

Every merchant who wants to trade in the hand of the free needs to have a license to do so. Getting one of these is not complicated, although they are not given out to everyone who asks. Trading licenses are highly sought after by black market traders, for they can use them in quite a few places to gain renown and credibility.   Although there is no real black market in the free cities, there is still a certain trademark that will get you into higher standard markets. This trademark is called the trading license. Whoever owns one, is free to trade anywhere in the cities, plus they get credibility.  

Aquiring a license

Say you are a merchant that wants to start trading in the free cities. You have goods and a license in all the major trade hubs of the world, Querenth, Niinks, Simmersil, etc. You would think, getting a license in the cities would be as easy as signing your name somewhere. It is not. Although a simple process, it is failed by many. First step is to apply at an office somewhere in the outer city of any of the five. An officer will then inspect your cargo and write you a bill for, maintaining the license, trading in the free cities, and taxation of your goods. After that he will have a list of questions for you. Answering these with the wrong answers can end your chances of becoming a merchant in the cities. The tes thas simple questions like the reason for trading in the cities, your level of experience etc. The cities thrive on trade, which is why they don't care about black market traders, which are technically not black market traders but just traders without a license. They still tax the fount out of them by just going up to them and inspecting their purse. The cities magistry usually controls about 40% of all companies in the city, giving it another edge over the competion.

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