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Avatar of Order

Part of the Orate in the Faith of Dah. The avatar of order represents Estalian, the god of justice. Like all the Avatars, this rank represents the keen aspects of its god, justice and order.    


One of the main responsibilities of this avatar is appointing new Oratal keepers. These keepers are the ones that keep order and structure in places of the gods. They are the guards and militia of the orate and act as such. The avatar usually appoints officers, who will recruit normal keepers. They will also be present at ceremonies of promotion. The Avatar will also be present at many other rituals and ceremonies. Besides that, the avatar is part of the Orate. He is the voice of Estalian and so spends a lot of time in prayer. Prayer that will turn into judgment. The orate has many responsibilities as well such as denouncing the archon of The Hearthland Republic. The avatar of order presides in the quarters of order in the great pantheon in Querenth. This living usually starts right after they are chosen.  


Whenever an avatar dies, a new avatar will take their place. After the month of mourning, the orate will gather every Grand proprietrist of the specific god in Querenth. After a long choosing ceremony, only ten remain. These ten are then taken into the pantheon where the final choosing will begin. When the new avatar is chosen, they will start their duties as avatar and represent their respective god as best they can.

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