Paladins of the Eclipse

The most elite group of knights in Mirthae.


Infantry, cavalry, and commanders.

Public Agenda

Serve the will of the Highking and Merthicz.


Base for living in, a whole courtyard for training, horses, melee and long-ranged weapons, horse-drawn carriages for transporting people, and magically propelled carriages for transporting supplies, and funding from the Highking.


The organisation formed shortly after humans arrived to Mirthae, starting off as just the regular army for humans. Over time it's had major changes made from the ground up. It became an organisation for the best soldiers that those of any race can join, all with the prerogative of fighting for the best future of the world.


For the most part, active worship is done by performing good deeds in the name of Lady Merthicz.   Other acts of worship is done by praying after a fight, convening together to pray and meditate under the moonlight, taking monthly baths under the full moon, harmonious chanting and nightly vespers, and the celebration of various holidays.

Granted Divine Powers

Paladins are granted the ability to heal wounds, conjuring moon light that can be used either as a source of light or manipulate it to use as a shield, travel quickly between shadows, and summon moon unicorns to ride as steeds.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Because of their status they hold a lot of political influence over settlements. In rare cases, the leader can even help influence laws created by the Highking.

In shadows we find the light

Military, Knightly Order
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Subsidiary Organizations
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