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The Necromancers

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History of the Necromancers.

The night was cold, and the wind didn't give the small village of wizard a quarter. Thunder crashed down from the skies and trees started to fall left and right. Some of them fall on the little wooden houses. Killing the ones who took shelter there. Death didn't discriminate, it took the young and healthy, the old and weak. Haghor Rane, lost his son. When a tree crashed down on the place he called home. His wife wasn't better off, but the death of his son almost broke him. He was a master wizard, but his magic wasn't strong enough to save his little boy. The rain started to fall, mirroring his feelings.   The morning came, and punished Haghor once again. The sun shone bright as if the storm of last night hadn't happened. Which was a lie, the distraction of his village was for every one to see. Now house was spared, the death outnumbered the living. Haghor kneeled inside his crushed house, holding his son's body inside his hands. The empty eyes stared back at him. He didn't know how he would survive without his boy. A spark of unknown magic blossomed inside him, he didn't know it. But instead of the normal heat that rushed through his body, this magic brought the coldness of death. Instead of fearing it, Haghor embraced it. The magic took over his body, and made its way to his hands. Slowly the black tare that resembled the magic poured into his son. He didn't know how long he sat there, but one moment his son was death and at the other he started to gasp for air. Tears streamed down over his cheeks, dripping on to his sons' face. His boy was a life.   Others inside the village were shocked by seeing his son, back on his feet. Asking Haghor how it was even possible. Haghor told them about the cold magic, and he even used it on another child. The villagers started to duplicate his instructions, and it didn't take long before everybody that had died during the storm was back on their feet. They even helped to clean up the mess.
— Prologue of the Necromancer.

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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

  • Dovira
  • Ovile
  • Ewixe
  • Vesophi
  • Adali
  • Iwyn
  • Ofora
  • Evira
  • Erish
  • Nora

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    Masculine names

    • Khirhan
    • Elvukius
    • Eronin
    • Ekron
    • Ikey
    • Evras
  • Eqiohr
  • Aneus
  • Takore
  • Odius
  • Kimornp
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    Unisex names

    • Ini
    • Abel
    • Uzor
    • Orias
    • Owyn

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    Family names

    The family name or surname is passed down on the male side of the family.  
    From man to the woman
    The woman takes the man's surname after they said their vows, and that is it.  
    It can happen that the woman and the man do not marry at all, but they still have a partnership. Then the woman keeps her surname and her children will also get her surname.  
    From woman to man
    The man can also choose to adopt the woman's surname. This is not a common practice, but it has happened before. He will get her name after their vows.  
    Same-sex relationships
    Same-sex relationships are pretty common inside the Necromancer culture. They can stay in a partnership, and the same goes for a straight couple. When they decided to marry they can choose the surname.  

    by squarefrog


    Culture and cultural heritage

    The culture of the Necromancers is pretty much the same as when they first appeared on Mirror World. The compound has grown, but the houses are build in the same way. Although the already exciting houses are upgraded to the modern times. The rules that Hagor's son has written down are still in effect. So in the last 2900 years there is not much changed at all.   But the world around them has changed. They are now being hunted down, like wild animals. Because the Elementals believe that their magic is unnatural. So they changed a few things, they abandoned the practice of living outside the compound. And they do not preform their magic out of the kindness of their hearts. People now need to pay for it.  

    by squarefrog

    Common Dress code

    It is a costume for the man and woman to wear dark colors, that symbolizes death. Bright colors except for white are seen as disrespectful.  

    by squarefrog

    Art & Architecture

    The Necromancers are not known for their ability create art. Still there are some pretty dark paintings, in the museum of Achua. It is credited to Evira Rane, the granddaughter of Hagor Rane.  

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    Common Customs, traditions and rituals

    The tradition of Lighting up the Mist Lantarn is still the most important one.   It is costume to not revive anyone on July 24th, to respect the fallen of the day that the The Last Mistling was killed.  

    by squarefrog

    Funerary and Memorial customs

    There is not so much commotion around the birth of a new Necromancer. But there is a lot around the death of one. When somebody dies, then the body is brought to the main building. There the body is prepared to be cremated, so that nobody can bring them back from the death. The body stays inside the main building for two whole days, then it is brought to the burning pile. Which is being prepared by the close relatives of the deceased. The pile needs to be light, by the youngest member of the family, from the same sex. If that person is an infant, then the task is passed to the second in line.  

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    Major organizations

    There are many little organizations spread throughout the nine kingdoms. But the Negromanti Coven is the largest to date. This is because they still life inside the same village as Hagor Rane did.  

    by squarefrog

    The timeline

      The Negromanti Timeline

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