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Session 25 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Second Moon, Korlar (30th Day)

  • The Party boards The Hammerhead - Talmart Military Ship
  • Scarlet, Axel Dalin and Phillip the octopus tour the ship, quarters are shown to the party (hammocks)
  • Merry asks to borrow a fishing rod, to be told there are none on board, only nets, she declines a net to fish with
  • Roth talks to the third mate in thieves cant, Ove Lindblom, about the smugglers cave and if it should be reported to the military or the thieves guild
  • Third Mate, Ove Lindblom does not think anything will come of a military report, but he can check with the thieves guild when he gets back into town
  • Merry meets Quest, a green tiefling, while she is below deck exploring
  • Roth then goes up the crows nest to keep watch with Cloud, the tabaxi
  • Roth when observing may have been a bunny/shark hybrid, he is unsure and does not mention it to anyone else
  • Branwen enjoys the wind up in the crows nest, with the sensation of flying while still on Roth's shoulder
  • Quest, the green tiefling, heads up onto deck and speaks with Merry and Scarlett in Infernal
  • Baeshra, Merry, and Scarlett head below deck for the night after a musical performance
  • Merry winks at Cloud while retiring for the night
  • Fiske asks Thokk about how to create food and water, as he heard clerics could do that
  • Thokk shows Fiske how to cast the spell, Fiske tries and starts by saying "hey asshole"
  • Thokk says Fiske should ask nicely, and Fiske tries again, this time creating water
  • Thokk and Fiske chat about other spells and Fiske's ability to cast a lighting bolt, and Thokk tells Fiske about going to school to study cleric magic
  • Thokk and Fiske then retire for the night
  • Quest replaces Cloud in the crows nest, and Roth chats for a bit with her
  • Roth then climbs down from the crows nest and mediates at the prow of the ship
  • Branwen does not see anything, or wake him up
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Lafali (1st Day)
  • Fiske and Thokk speak with the Captain Auda Grindsoon about practicing lightning spell, the Captain tells them not while they are at sea
  • Merry chats with the crew to find out gossip, finds nothing terribly interesting
  • Baeshra turns into a normal sized spider and investigates the hold of the ship
  • Baeshra sees supplies, extra food and water, and a box marked maps and papers
  • Baeshra then returns to the deck without taking or opening anything in the hold
  • Roth then joins Flint, a half elf, for watch in the crows nest
  • Roth overheard a conversation between Joe and Merry about juniper, a new plant he is learning about, so Roth offers Joe a taste of gin (Jo does not like it)
  • In the evening, Roth thinks he spots land, who shares the information with Cloud
  • Scarlett casts speak with animals, and chats with a seal, who is near the ship, and Philip, the octopus.
  • The seal is asked by Capt Auda Grindsoon through Scarlett about the sea conditions, and the seal thinks it is going to rain the next day (it was right)
  • Fiske awkwardly flirts with the dwalf, Hiln and helps her mend barrels
  • The party has dinner, more music is provided, and then the party retires, Merry, Scarlett, Fiske and Baeshra to the hammock, Roth is still at watch in the crows nest
  • As Fiske is going to sleep, he hears a dolphin cry out for help, and he rushes to the deck to investigate
  • Fiske sees a Merrow attacking the dolphin, which he then walks on water to go help.
  • Roth regretfully shoots the Merrow to save Fiske, after explaining to Quest, who is sharing the crows nest with him, why he is shooting into the water.
  • Fiske saves the dolphin, Roth and Fiske kill the Merrow, and Fiske retrieves its spear.
  • Fiske gets Thokk to cast healing magic on the dolphin and himself, then goes to sleep.
  • Roth mediates on the desk, and Branwen does not see anything.
  • Fiske has a conversation/dream with the god dolphin and accosts it, after receiving a magical sending stone.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Dulyn (2nd Day)
  • The party spends the day resting, relaxing and Fiske works on practicing spells
  • Scarlett lowers Philip the Octopus over the edge of the boat so that he can get some fresh water
  • Roth spends the day in the crows nest, keeping watch and playing with Branwen
  • Cloud asks to take Merry to dinner or for drinks once in the city, Merry agrees
  • After an uneventful day, Fiske and Scarlett stay up late on deck, while Merry and Baeshre head below deck
  • Once out of sight, Merry casts invisibility on herself and Baeshra, and they pick the lock to the hold
  • They both explore the hold, finding the maps box, and a small chest containing a variety of colorful feathers
  • Merry sees a small carving in thieves cant, about the third mate, she freaks out, and then makes Baeshra leave the hold
  • Baeshra makes noise while leaving, but does not seem to be seen. Merry and Baeshra go to sleep
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duash (3rd Day)
  • The next morning, Merry seeks out Roth
  • Merry complains to Roth about not being information that someone related to the thieves guild as on board
  • Roth responses that the guild member is not from Resonata, and Roth asks how Merry knows about the member on board. Merry does not answer and walks away.
  • Roth chats with the third mate, Ove Lindblom, who tells him in thieves cant about his upcoming military retirement and a possible job for the party.
  • Roth mentions in thieves cant that he would like to meet Ove Lindblom on shore in a few days
  • The meeting location is set for the Thieves Guild Office - The Crocked Quill at noon in four days
  • The city comes into sight that afternoon

Rewards Granted

Stones of Sending

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
20 Dec 2018

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