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The main city and capital of the dukedom of Stewarton ruled by the Duke Xander and Duchess Sophia. Set on the Finley River near the base of the Bay of Songs. Based on Britian/Ireland/Scotland


  • Humans 2000 (66%)
  • Elf 400 (13%) 66-79 elf
  • Dwarf 200 (6%) 80-85 dwarf
  • Gnome 150 (5%) 86-90 gnome
  • Halfling 50 (2%) 91-92 halfling
  • Half Elf 50 (2%) 93-94 half elf
  • Half Orc 50 (2%) 95-96 half orc
  • Dragonborn 50 (2%) 97-98 dragonborn
  • Teifling, Tabaxi, Goliath, Giant 50 (2%) 99-100 other 1d4


This Dukedoms is ruled by the Duke and Duchess. They are advised by a group of earls and countesses, 6 couples. The seats are either held by couples or members of the family. Seats on the council can be gained by marriage, and often fall to the oldest child (male or female) and either spouse. The Elven court magician also sits on the council and controls the teleportation circle which links all the Dukedoms.


The tall walls surround the city and the keep where the court is held by the Duke, despite many years of peace within the world. The walls face both the sea and the land, with the gates guarded all day and closed with no entry after dark.


This city has a thriving dock, which sees a great amount of trade from the other kingdoms, the magical university is also used where all magic users are able to study in the massive library. The waterway which is the main transportation into the rest of the dukedom can be traveled up and down by both magical and nonmagical means, or by the road that runs alongside the Finley River.

Guilds and Factions

This city has a magical university, a dock master who controls transport via sea, an adventures guild, a thieves guild, and a temple complex to the 6 main deities of the land.


Flat plain of a city, on the edge of the Bay of Songs/ocean where the fresh water of the Finley River meets the Bay.


  • Map of Resonata
    This is a city of Resonata where all our fair characters meet up for the first time.
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
This town is a busy city and the capital of the Dukedom, the walled city has a vast range of people who live there. This is a busy commerce city which also holds a magical school and libaray as well as the court.
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