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Session 23 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Second Moon, Fisen (22nd Day)

  • Party wakes up to overcast skies and eats frog legs
  • Merry leaves the party to go back towards village
  • Roth sees hole of burrowing creatures along the way, does not investigate
  • The party breaks for day near chess stead, Brevik Farming Community
  • Fiske & Scarlett go to purchase more cheese
  • The people in the farmstead are disturbed/scared by Scarlett's appearance
  • Cheese is purchased in vast quantities, Fiske & Scarlett return to party at camp a ways away
  • Baeshra summons 8 panthers, alarming the party, sending Merry and Roth away, while Scarlett attempts to keep them back with fire
  • After 1 hour the panthers disapear, and the party rests
  • Watches taken, Fiske, Scarlett, and Roth (nothing happens)
World Date Summer, Second Moon, Renlar (23rd Day)
  • The party wakes up, and heads up the mountain
  • The party walks to top at Brell Island - Lookout Point 1
  • The party then pushes to Brell Island - Lookout Point 2, arriving after dark and rests for night
  • Fiske discovers he cannot get drunk
  • Baeshra summons 2 giant octopuses, Scarlet is not amused
  • The watches are Merry, Scarlett, and Roth
  • Roth, who is on the roof, sees what could be the boat in the distance, but he is unsure
World Date Summer, Second Moon, Koral (24th Day)
  • Fiske is somehow hungover the next morning
  • The party goes into town (arrive late afternoon as school lets out)
  • Merry, Fisk, & Roth stealth past children to the inn
  • The party has drinks with Gier Winterarm (Roth in-parts the tower may be protecting the island)
  • Fiske experiments with wine from the jug
  • The party, Gier Winterarm and Ingrid Winterarm enjoy some wine while Ingrid admires the new raven, Branwen
  • Baeshra summons Steve the giant snapping turtle and breaks a chair in the process
  • Roth and Merry both go upstairs to rest in a quiet environment as the turtle is summonded
  • Ingrid Winterarm faints when turtle is summoned, Gier Winterarm catches her, then takes her to rest
  • Scarlett sits on Steve and hangs out of a bit, Philip is sitting in his pot on the bar
  • Fiske goes to the beach and practices his new spells
  • Baeshra goes to the room, Roth realizes that Branwen does not like his room mate (Baeshra), and he goes to Gier Winterarm and gets a new room
  • Roth has longer conversation with Gier Winterarm, talks about the tower protecting the island (from the sea hags and other creatures) Roth suggests that the tower be forgotten, and the fewer people who visit it the better
  • Party eats dinner and goes to sleep
  World Date Summer, Second Moon, Korar (25th Day), Korbrar (26th Day), and Korsar (27th Day)
  • The party hangs in out town, rest and chill
  World Date Summer, Second Moon, Korvin (28th Day)
  • Baeshra casts water-breathing on Scarlett, Merry, Fiske, and Roth that morning
  • The party hears a commotion outside, Roth send Branwen out, the raven sees the ship arriving to the island
  • Rune arrives at the inn, visits with Scarlett for awhile
  • At lunch time, two launches from the ship come in towards the city
  • Rune points out people on the launches as they become visible, the Captain, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, 3rd Mate and others
  • Rune goes down to the beach and greets the Captain, there seems to be more familial then service-person relationship
  • The crew comes ashore, the 1st mate Eira Gunborg surprised there are new people in the village
  • Fiske says something to Roth about sharing the alcohol (from magical containers) with the crew to get on their good side, but Roth suggests supporting the local inn by purchasing drinks
  • Roth buys the 3rd mate Ove Lindblom a beer, and they share sea stories, mixing in thieves chant
  • Fiske hits on the 1st mate Eira Gunborg, unsuccessfully
  • Rune Winding introduces Scarlett to the Capt Auda Grindsoon, and speaks highly of the group of adventures
  • Merry joins the conversation, expresses how excited she is to get off the island
  • Scarlett brings up the topic of Philip with the Capt Auda Grindsoon, and she seems ok with the pet octopus traveling
  • Baeshra joins the conversation, makes some conversation about his own pet, and Roth stops him before he can conjure anything
  • Baeshra has a conversation with the ship's Druid in the Druidic language
    • Baeshra tells the druid about the ruby mine, and the few jewels they found
    • Baeshra tells the druid about the wizard tower, and the riddle to get inside
    • Baeshra asks the druid about his specialty, which is wind and water magic, cirlcle of land, coastal
    • Baeshra tells the druid about how dull the island was
    • Baeshra tells the druid about the sea hags, and they were the most exciting thing
    • The druids discuss what animals shapes they can assume
  • Fiske then makes beer with the alchemy jug and starts hitting on the dwarf crew person in Dwarfish while bringing her beer, she seems receptive

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
08 Nov 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island

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